Star Ocean 5 for PS4/PS3 Gets Absolutely Beautiful Direct Feed Screenshots and Detailed Information

Square Enix finally released the first large batch of direct feed screenshots of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, showcasing characters, environment and combat, also revealing a large deal of detailed information on the game.

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pivotplease1103d ago

Definitely a neat graphical style...AND you get to fight garden gnomes!

Gatsu1103d ago

Yeah I agree :D, looks so beautiful. I love JRPGs ^_^.

fr0sty1102d ago

Sony remembered how to PS2 again.

iWishTifaWasReal1102d ago

The Main Girl though!


It looks like some OVERSIZE MOE SHIT.

every else looks splendid

comebackkid98911102d ago

This criticism is nigh unanimous, at 30% complete a more faithful depiction of her character art is entirely possible.

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Relientk771103d ago

I'm so glad, so many JRPGs are coming to PS4

Final Fantasy 15
Kingdom Hearts 3
Persona 5
Star Ocean 5
Level 5 JRPG (will be revealed at E3)


Transistor1103d ago

Way more than that. I know Square has multiple PS4 exclusives in development. So does From Software.

DemonChicken1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Regarding Level 5, think I saw it on n4g the other day

Likely to be Ni No Kuni 2 (note likely)

Also to add Dragon Quest and disgaea and this

and possibly this -

re2_apocalypse1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Yay! Another Level 5 game I don't buy... They haven't released anything for me since Dark Cloud 2; which I would really like another entry into that franchise.


EDIT: BTW, downvote me if you want. I did not like the White Knight Series and Ni No Kuni was just too childish for me. I'm sorry; it just wasn't for me. I'm glad people enjoyed the game and it sold well for them; however, so did the Dark Cloud game's and they abandoned them =(

Relientk771103d ago

I loved Ni no Kuni, so I'm am all for a 2nd

pivotplease1103d ago

I agree re2_apocalypse.

White Knight Chronicles was comparatively subpar compared to their work on PS2. Ni No Kuni was great from an artistic standpoint, but a lot of the RPG elements were under-developed, the battle system was boring/repetitive, the sidequests were actually trash, and the game itself was way too easy by JRPG standards. So yes, it was kind of childish in many ways. It was amazing in terms of art style and atmosphere though. I also enjoyed the story despite how simplistic it was. I would not mind a more developed sequel, but DC3 is what I really want.

NatureOfLogic_1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

@pivotplease, "Ni No Kuni was great from an artistic standpoint, but a lot of the RPG elements were under-developed, the battle system was boring/repetitive, the sidequests were actually trash, and the game itself was way too easy by JRPG standards."

You didn't get very far did you? Out of all the jrpgs released last gen, this game had the most jrpg elements out of all of them. Ni No Kuni had everything missing from almost all other jrpgs. Ni No Kuni was extremely similar to the classic DQ games imo. It had a big world map you could traverse through the air on a dragon, you could traverse the sea with a ship and you had fun mini games like the casino and monster battle arena. If that's not jrpg enough then I don't know what is. I didn't even finish the game because I was stuck having fun grinding trying to evolve my monsters, playing the mini games and trying to finish all the sidequest that I had unlocked so far.

Baka-akaB1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Even before WKC that there was Rogue Galaxy on ps2 still .

And it was awesome , hence why i disagree

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Magicite1103d ago

uve listed less than 10% of whats coming :)

NoctisPendragon1103d ago

More than 70% if we are talking about sales .

killacal131103d ago

I have never heard of that Level 5 game that people keep talking about, could anyone post a link to that? Also this game does look beautiful, I want it now!

Chevalier1103d ago

There's also:

Disgaea 5
Omega Quintet
Fairy Fencer Dark Force
Final Fantasy X/X-2
FF XIV expansion

indyman771103d ago

The second one is coming out on the 28th or this month! thats only 1 week two days! omega-quintet

SEGA! Oh wait wrong commercial

pepito1102d ago

Final Fantasy Fairy Fencer PS4. You will get info as early as tomorrow

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MasterCornholio1103d ago



Looks like the PS4 is doing a great job in raking in those JRPGs. I'm not surprised at that since PlayStation fans love them.

d_g1103d ago

More specifically "Playstation JRPG master race"

Sokol1103d ago

It looks excellent, with good story I would definitely look into it. I haven't played previous installments so this would be mine first entry.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1103d ago

It's no too late to play the other ones. Star Ocean 2 and 3 are the best and most important ones and the new one takes place between the 2nd and 3rd game so it may interest you to jump into them. Star Ocean 2 is for PS1 and Star Ocean 3 is for PS2.

nitus101103d ago

You forgot that Star Ocean 1 came out on the SNES of which you can get an emulator for your PC.

For those that have the PS1 games you most likely know or at least should know that most PS3's will play them. Unfortunately you still need a PS2 or a BC PS3 to play SO2. It may be possible to use the PC PS2 emulator though.

I do have the BC PS3 however it uses software and hardware and there are two areas in the SO2 games that hangs the game. One you can bypass however the other prevents you from going any further in the game. This is annoying after playing over 25 hours.

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