Star Wars Xbox One Wired Controllers get release date

The release date has been listed for the upcoming Star Wars Xbox One Wired Controllers.

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Bigpappy1007d ago

Wonder if this violates the Sony advertising deal? I don't play close enough to the system to use a wire controller anyway.

Abash1007d ago

They are just Star Wars themed controllers, not specifically Star Wars Battlefront controllers. If they were, EA would probably be making them for PS4 so it has nothing to do with them or Sony's deal

Eonjay1007d ago

The controllers aren't official Microsoft controllers. They are made by a company called Power A.

Dlacy13g1007d ago

Yup and if they were MS official controllers it would be wireless not wired.

1007d ago
WESKER20151007d ago

WIRED!, they are making wired Xbox One pads now?!, get in! please i need a state of decay or Halo wired gamepad, please!

ScorpiusX1007d ago

Love how everyone forgets that Disney can make side deals and does not need to tell EA jack .did anyone think this star wars deal was between MS & Disney or did every one Think EA could make deals only .

Ultr1007d ago

Yeah except Power A is making this controller and not MS :)

maybelovehate1007d ago

Damn, I wish it was the official Wireless Controller and not a knockoff third party. I love that design.

Eonjay1007d ago

Check out this one:

I really love the design on this one. Wired too, but I imagine it would chew through batteries otherwise.

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