Top 10 PS2 JRPG series and games that should be remastered for PS3 and PS4

A list of the top 10 PS2 JRPG series and games that should be remastered for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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WESKER20151130d ago

forget ps2, PS1 had the best JRPGs, remaster vagrant story if anything, or better yet!, make a completely new game

breakpad1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Exactly ..PS1 was the peak of JRPGs not PS2 ...on PS2 lot of the JRPG entries were mediocre games in comparison to those of PS1 s

DualWielding1130d ago

but PS2 games still look great when remastered, PSOne games don't hold up as well

pivotplease1130d ago

It is true. PS1 games are at the point where they would be kind of difficult to remaster. They almost have to be remade from scratch instead. PS2 games can just have smoothed edges and more detail added though.

MeteorPanda1130d ago

l'd love vagrant story remasterd. It's still being played on my vita time and time again. Aged so well

Godmars2901130d ago

How about Square makes a FF entry that's "old school". One that doesn't have to be a graphical showcase, but recognizes basic tropes and gameplay mechanics.

SoapShoes1130d ago

Those old school ones did that while being graphical showcases, how about both?

Godmars2901130d ago

A this point graphics can take care of themselves. San incompetence.

Thing is, given the example of the first FF14, the introduction of FF13's sequels and along with more missteps than successes, guess what Square-Enix's middle name is...

NoctisPendragon1130d ago

How about no ? If the next FF did something like that (going backward) it would be the less FF ever.

Gamers that still relate every new final fantasy to one that was released in 1997 are stuck in their ways.

FF was always about attracting youngsters and not 3x year old men .

Godmars2901130d ago

They've been going "backwards" since FF8. Diminishing or removing game elements such as mini-games while making stories and characters more generic and less interactive.

Unless you count cut scenes of course.

NoctisPendragon1129d ago


Yeah but they never went backward in term of graphics or delevelopement cost .
And mini-games + worked stories are comming back.

Anyway i don't see FF XVI looking like FF I or FF VI any-time soon .

Godmars2901129d ago

One thing: the point is that most production costs goes towards graphics. Square committed to building at least two game engines from the ground up then not use them.

Another thing; what even makes you think I'm talking about 8 bit, 16 bit, or as many indies seem to use for "retro" titles, 4 bit graphics?

Lost Ark:

A Korean MMO that uses UE4 and an isometric view. Not an over the shoulder 3rd person view.

NoctisPendragon1129d ago

Lol , looks really good , they should make an alternative FF Saga (like FF Type-0) for 3rd vue ATB/Turn-based console games.

But as the next main FF it is stil looking like a pre-FF VII game for me so idk ...
Even Hironobu Sakaguchi said FF was all about invovations and moving forward but so many people are still asking fo the oposite.

Godmars2901129d ago

The only thing Square has been moving towards, possibly since FF7, are CG movies with busy work that tries to justify it.

I want layered gameplay with character types and their roles meaning something again. I want magic to mean something again.

NoctisPendragon1129d ago

Yeah same here , for the magic i think FF XV will have a lot of it .

Godmars2901129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

No. Magic means as much if not less in FF15 than it did in FF13: f/x. It wasn't even needed in the FF15 demo. It means nothing. Offers no strategic or tactical value. The Ramuh summon was little more than a triggered scripted event.

Also think about the kaiju level monsters freely wondering around small towns and tourist rest spots. How are there even tourist rest stops when pack of dog-like monsters are all over the place much less two to three story tall literal behemoths?

And why is your party concerned with active patrols of enemy troops attacking them seconds they step into a clearing or walk on the road, yet those same troops don't have soldiers in town looking for your car? They should be setting up an ambush at the garage.

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Spotie1130d ago

How about just letting go? If you keep it around, it's not "old school" anymore.

Besides, FF isn't supposed to hold on to that much. It's always been a series that changes quite a bit, adding new things to a few staples. Why this fervent desire to change that?

gerol1130d ago

FF12 Remastered is so definitely going to happen

ScubbaSteve1130d ago

Hopefully in the remastered version they cut out the first 5 hours of the game and delete vaan and panello.

pivotplease1130d ago

In that case it would be a day one buy for me. They should probably also add sidequests that aren't just hunts, NPCs that talk, more useful summons, a reasonable amount of FMVs, and an interesting villain while they're at it. Killing off the license boards also wouldn't be a complete loss.

MoveTheGlow1129d ago

And fill in the gap before the game's final stage, too. It seriously goes from character building mid-game to bam, final level.

That and airships need to be actual airships and not a menu system. Sure, that's a tough undertaking, but they have some resources to throw around!

slinky1234561130d ago

Quite a few of these I would like to play. I hope they at least make them classics and bring them to PS4 soon.

I missed quite a few and I recently started to play some PSOne classic RPG's. Just have a bag log that's 20 years old now I'm trying to get through.

rhap1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

IDK, PS2 was cool, but PS1 was my favorite console for JRPG. I could keep listing games on and on and on. I'll say ten.

1- Saga Frontier
2- Breath of Fire 3
3- Valkyrie Profile
4- Azure Dreams
5- Guardian's Crusade
6- Xenogears
7- Suikoden 2
8- Grandia
9- Vagrant Story
10- Legend of Mana

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