Why Video Game Film Adaptations Should Cease To Exist

From Uncharted to Mass Effect, Hollywood can’t seem to keep their hands off popular game franchises, and the result is almost always a critical and financial train wreck.

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iplay1up21101d ago

I liked Need For Speed. The new Resident Evil movie is supposed to be based on the original games, before Capcom ruined the series.

jon2005471101d ago

I also liked need for speed I think there was supposed to be a sequel to that but anyway the first resident evil movie was not only supposed to be based off the game but was supposed to be a prequel to it but had no tie in with the game what so ever other than just the name all the movies are supposed to be based off the game which they would say they are but they are not the only thing it shares is the name resident evil and maybe the game characters but that's it I don't count it as true based off the game cause it did not follow the games story line they ruined the movies before cap com ruined resident evil well to me I thought the games were still ok and the movies were ok for their own story telling but they were never following or were based off the games they did their own thing when it came to the movies

ValKilmer1101d ago

Whoah, whoah, whoah. Have you never seen DOA: Dead or Alive?

jon2005471101d ago

That was a good movie but did not follow the video games but still good

WizzroSupreme1101d ago

But I kinda liked Sands of Time with Jake Gyleenhaal, come to think of it. Wasn't that bad, almost a great movie.

ValKilmer1101d ago

You're thinking of Nightcrawler with Jake Gyleenhaal

jon2005471101d ago

No he was thinking of prince of Persia the sands of time he was also in that movie

-Foxtrot1101d ago

Not really...they can be done they just refuse to get someone who knows what he's doing.

They would rather stay within the industry and hire people who don't have a clue about the franchises. They wouldn't branch out and hire some new screenwriter who actual is a gamer.

All you'd have to do is condense the game down, remove the levels which are done to prolong the game and finally base it off the script already there. I mean along as the original writer is credited and paid a little it shouldn't be a problem.

Even though Amy Hennig works at another place now they could still get her to write the Uncharted film because it's not a video game job it would be a film one, she could do it in her own time. I mean lets be honest it might of taken her a while with other stuff going on in her life but it's been so long to get the film going it could of been done by now even if she did a page a day....yeah it's been that long.

pivotplease1101d ago

There's the getting it done right factor and then there's the getting it done factor.

I feel like I hear about an awesome adaptation idea a few times a year, but none of these ideas ever come to fruition for some reason. I've been hyped about an Uncharted movie for what has felt like half a decade. I'm probably exaggerating, but you get the picture...or lack thereof. Bad puns.

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