Grand Theft Auto V in Full Virtual Reality is Deeply Disturbing

Hardcore Gamer: "I, like many of my friends and colleagues, am a strong supporter of virtual reality. I remember seeing early YouTube videos of a guy hooked up to a massive virtual reality headset suspended from the ceiling by a tangle of cords while walking along a conveyor-like platform that tracked his movement. Even though the clip didn’t even show what game he was playing, I was excited, but the cumbersome nature of the device made entering a virtual world seem like a luxury only the absurdly wealthy would ever get to enjoy."

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PoSTedUP1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

good maybe it'll balance out my terrible mind. i cant wait for VR. motor storm, gran turismo7, GTA. Mmmm.

ValKilmer1186d ago

I'm not one to ever shun video game violence, but it is a bit weird going on a virtual rampage .

Bathyj1186d ago

Thats right! He is...dangerous.

Maul_T_Pass1185d ago

4 people didn't get the reference... ah that's a shame...

spartanlemur1186d ago

That's not a bad thing, We go on rampages because it's funny and games feel like cheap entertainment. When things get more real, we can have deeper experiences. Each kill will have to be thoroughly justified if devs don't want us to feel deeply uncomfortable with what we're doing.

LoneWolf1811186d ago

I used to play GTA 3 when I was a kid and all I would do is go on rampages. Best part of any GTA game!

ThunderPulse1186d ago

The author is a Ret**d, the only people who can't handle full VR are kids under 4 and dumb people.

Pandamobile1186d ago

There are a lot of dumb people in the world.

TheOnlyMastrx1186d ago

Looks like fun, a bit of a workout running from cops but fun.

Aghashie1186d ago

After reading the article and watching the video I agree w the autor.

I love GTA, but I never thought that watching the game in first person actually expose how cruel the game is. The game has a cartoony feel when u play in third person, somehow masking its violence behind the brilliant game polished design. Is quite sarcastic. Is like is fun to be "bad" in the wrong way. Anyway... I still love the game and won't stop playing it. What makes me wonder if I am loosing my "humanity" in favor of entertainment... How sadistic.

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

" actually expose how cruel the game is" I actually disagree.

The game is a reflection of the player, you very much CHOOSE to do those things in GTA, no one forced you.

You could play GTA and many games without just going out and killing aimlessly. I've watch some people play GTA V and not rob places or even wildly kill just purely based on their play stay and over all nature.

You kill and do cruel things in GTA V because you want to...

You very much can play GTA V and not be some sort of murderous psychopath.

The internet has all sorts of snuff the internet "cruel" or is the user that chooses to watch and seek such things "cruel"?

You are not losing your humanity playing a game, its the choices that one chooses to make that actually does such a thing.

Aghashie1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

U r missing the big picture here.

I'm not talking about killing a convenience store clerk. I'm talking about u can't progress tru game story w out killing a single npc. Period.

So, all the killing in the main story is justified because u need a guy dead to finish a mission? That's a blind statement buddy.

U like many others r watching the "cartoony" side of the game. GTA is a violent game... it's not Candy Crush.

Honestly, did u saw the video? Didn't U felt that something was wrong even for a second when the guy shots at pedestrians on the street?

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

It M for a reason. If you can't handle such a thing, don't play it.

I agree that you can't do that in GTA, but the damn game is called Grand Theft Auto...its about crime. I saw the video and didn't care, what was happening was a game and mind you...he didn't really need to even do that, he wasn't on a mission.

I don't feel the least bit wrong watching a fake virtual person die on a video game....

"I love GTA"

I'm starting to question what you love about it if you actually feel this way LOL! That is just a strange way to feel while also loving the series. That is what the concept of the series is....crime, murder etc.

I was posting in regard to the video as your statement about it being cruel sounded like you mean't the video and not the whole game in general. My mistake.

But I got to disagree. Though the game series is violent, its in the nature and concept of the game, many games exist that are not GTA.

I don't go against what GTA's conceptually, merely that not all games are like GTA and no point to question its cruelty in the name of gaming as one doesn't need to play it and other games exist besides it.

"There will always be games for the hardcore gamers who see games as a skill-based sport, or as a way to compete with their friends," - David Cage Director Of Heavy Rain

Gamers are art, no need to question that in which is subjective and a choice.

@Dee_91- Nope, its a game and does't really convey death enough for me to actually be moved by it...not even a little. Some games do it better then other, but in GTA...its actually not that graphic. Believe very much can be much more graphic then it already is, consider we don't even have limbs or heads coming off lol. No screaming in pain for minutes until death, people barely get injured in the game, your either alive, sub-death injured or dead lol.

Mind you ,when they are on the ground prior to dying....they literally just sit there ,they don't behave in a way that would even suggest they are hurt or in pain.

There is a difference between not feeling disturb by something graphic because you don't care and not feeling it because it wasn't conveyed deeply. I'm sorry but GTA comically does death, its not really done in really, really graphic nature as much as folks like to make it sound like.

Dee_911186d ago

just because a person thinks the game is too graphic at points don't mean the person doesn't like the game.The depiction of killing someone is indeed graphic and its completely normal to feel disturbed by it.If you don't , congrats, you are more desensitized to it..

Randostar1186d ago

Lol. So as long as you're doing all these violent things through someone else's shoes it doesn't affect you but when you see it like you're committing the crimes it does bother you?
I think that says more about how askew peoples view on violence is.

spartanlemur1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

A: "humanity" is subjective

B: you miss the point if you think the author was talking about GTA being bad as opposed to GTA in VR being bad. It's totally different controlling pixels on your screen to actually feeling like you're there committing murder. Its violence is cinematic, like you'd expect in a gritty crime movie. In VR, however, the perspective changes a lot and it becomes too much. If they make a VR GTA it will probably be a bit less crazy, and justify its killing more.

Aghashie1186d ago

The context content on my comment focus the message on a single idea. I don't think the average reader need additional superlatives or adjectives to comprehend how the word "humanity" was used and it's meaning in accordance to the main idea of the paragraph.

And no. Did understand very well the article.

I am just pointing out the clip on first persona was a shocking experience to me. And so I made a comment about how I felt. That's it.

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