Star Wars: Battlefront Takes One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Hardcore Gamer: "Let’s start off with the good (and highly exciting) news. The Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay we saw was captured on PS4 in its pre-alpha PS4 footage and according to Patrick Bach, General Manager of DICE, “That’s as bad as it can possibly look. Hopefully it’ll look even better when we actually ship the game.” If that’s true, we’re in for quite possibly the best looking game thus far of the generation."

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WESKER20151160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

this game is one last mess up away from junk status, lol

it will score well though, EA and DICE will make sure of that

"lots of stormtroopers" "lots of guns" "same gameplay as battlefield" "lots of DLC" 10/10

Naga1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Right, because we know SO MUCH about the game at this point...




gedapeleda1160d ago

Well we kinda know who's behind the game.
There's a pattern...

Naga1160d ago

I can understand being pessimistic and maintaining low expectations due to developer history, but to actually make assertion that a game is "one step away from junk status" on that basis alone is just plain stupid.

The rational gamer will judge a game on its merits.

OrangePowerz1160d ago

Welcome to Gamer 2.0, where the product is judged based on a few bits of information without even seeing a single piece of gameplay footage.

Randostar1160d ago

As far as im aware DICE makes really good games, just any time they are forced to hurry and finish it comes out shitty. So since this game is dialed back by only having 40 player battles and so on, doesn't that mean this actually has a good chance of being released in a stable condition?

garrettbobbyferguson1160d ago

So far we know that it will be a far cry from the classic Battlefront experience. What more do we need to know? That it looks good? As a fan of Battlefront since day 1, why should I care about the game if they cannot even offer the features that were standard 10 years ago?

As a consumer, even rumors like these should make you demand better.

Gozer1160d ago

I think that some people have forgotten the gameplay structure of the originals. What I have seen so far, I am not liking.

In the originals, every map was a battle. If you won the battle, it would advance the "battlefront"(vice versa if you lost)so on, and so forth until you captured the planet. Once all planets were captured, you won/lost the war.

This Battlefront does not sound like the originals, at least not so far. It sounds like Battlefield with a Star Wars skin.

If we aren't fighting the whole war(per the originals)then this game shouldn't be called Battlefront. To me it is appearing to be a "bait & switch". They are using the brand because of its popularity, but are selling something different.

ShinMaster1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I remember the first time they showed how Battlefront III was gonna be before they canceled it.

Now? No co-op. No campaign. No space battles. All graphics.

Gamer19821159d ago

At least ubisoft aint making it :)

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jb2271160d ago

I'm not a multiplayer guy & I haven't had any experience w/ the previous Battlefront games so I'm obviously not the market for this game but I was hoping that wouldn't be the case. Really wanted to be able to dive into some sort of single player campaign ahead of Force Awakens, & the visuals were looking pretty marvelous so I was all in before the full reveal.

Now it seems to me that this is Titanfall: Star Wars edition in that there is no true campaign & yet the devs are still trying to sell to that market by claiming that there will be something for solo players to sink their teeth into, which most likely isn't the case. I'm sure the titles are drastically different in their play style, but in mindset I'm seeing too many similarities. Really wish there could've been something for a SP gamer, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who tell me to just look for something else because that was never Battlefront's forte, but looking towards the holidays I'm not seeing much for single players to enjoy, aside from Just Cause which could easily be delayed. Seems like more & more titles get hyped up only to eventually be revealed as MP only or 'MP focused' (code word for basically mp only more or less). Wish they'd make it clear from the jump that us antisocial gamers should just drop the title off of our radar. Hell these days the indie sector is the last bastion for the single player gamer, kinda tired of campaigns being cut or skimped on in order to cater to the continued revenue stream that mp subscriptions provide. Hope this isn't a trend that only continues & grows.

HammadTheBeast1160d ago

Well Battlefront has always traditionally been a MP game, so it's understandable that this wouldn't cater to the singleplayer market.

OB1Biker1160d ago

Yea of course its mainly a MP game. Unlike Titanfall there is a single player mode though

iggsta3o51160d ago

Actually looking at videos from Free Radicals canceled Battlefront 3 that DICE could have at least tried to innovate more and create more features than what they have described thus far.

iiorestesii1160d ago

We acknowledge you, and your suffocating fanboism, as well as your devotion to the collective critical commentary of the original game's fanbase. Though I can't say for sure, son, the future looks bright. If only you could see the trailer. What isn't for sure, is your part in it, oh Wesker of 2015.

TonyPT1160d ago

Well, if it doesn't have coop, space battles and campaign, I will never buy this game.

TheRedButterfly1159d ago

You would have hated the first (best) Battlefront.

3-4-51160d ago

Wesker ..... How do YOU know ?

What makes it "junk status"

Are you sure your not just hating on a game ?

It's like you WANT it to be bad?

I wonder if that is it..


jc121160d ago

Hey, if the visuals end up looking as good as the trailer, and the gameplay is similar to BF4, I say win win for the players.

No complaints on my part.

DanteVFenris6661160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Yes but than as a battlefront fan you would be angry as that as not battlefront. You must be young, the original battlefront had a really solid and perfect set up. It looks like there disregarding the entire formula and slapping a skin from battlefield 4. Same code just different assests

I'd rather play battle front 2 on ps2 than a starwars skin of battlefield

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crazychris41241160d ago

Need to see a ton of gameplay and see what dlc they play on releasing before I buy the game. Got that feeling that space battles will be dlc. 4 planets = 4 space battle dlc. If that's true then I'll wait for the premium edition to get a price reduction.

DarkOcelet1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

I think its pretty obvious what will happen here...

A Season Pack announcement

Microtransaction ingame

120$ Ultimate/Premium Edition announced for day 1 release

The game looks awesome but EA will screw this up.

OrangePowerz1160d ago

Might be more likely that one DLC pack will be space battles and one DLC pack Episode 7 content and maybe one for Episode 1-3 content?

iamnsuperman1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

The entire reveal event has been a misfire. Not only did they fail to communicate their game (the confusion over maps being evident of that) but the entire game seems like the detail and style have taken centre stage instead of the features and gameplay. You know something is wrong where a 10 year old game gives you more options and a bigger scope than your soon to be released game. I don't need to see gameplay to tell me that. They gave me that knowledge with the list of things not appearing in this game

bleedsoe9mm1160d ago

i think some of it is when they are trying to put everything in the best light but when it comes to no single player and history of disastrous mulltiplayer launches they know question are coming that they have don't have good answers . makes everything around it look wobbly from a pr standpoint .

morganfell1160d ago

It isn't just disasterous MP launches. The SP for Hardline was an abortion. As regards the MP, they stated they were not making a sequel to Battlefront II. Let's see, no Space Battles. Damn right you are not making a sequel to Battlefront II.

XelaKNight1160d ago

I think the big thing about it is we expected too much from EA. This is EA we are talking about, they mess up on every shooter they work on. I am sad about no SP and no Space battles, but from where I see it. It's Star Wars Battlefield not Battlefront

remixx1161160d ago

Wow you are so right, its a shame but the amount of options they have voiced so far is kinda painful. No real campaign, no space battles, no classes which in turn dillutes tactical depth and they try and cover it up by saying--we don't want to restrict players--

I was hoping for star wars style ground gameplay with socom 2 level tactics and team work------mashed up with warhawk style space battles and no mans sky style planet to space transition......... Guess we aren't far enough along for that........or those features will be dlc.

So far its sound kinda bare but we'll see, hope it doesn't turn out to be like destiny.....another game Sony bought the advertising rights to but the game itself will sell off hype and be lackluster (my opinion)

Srelhow1160d ago

The PSP Battlefront had ground battles where you could get into a X-Wing and fly around the battlefield then fly into space and be apart of that to all in one mass battle. Why can they not do that with this. Guess the PSP must of been better tech than Xbone, Ps4, and PCs of today. hahahaha

Roccetarius1160d ago

I honestly don't mind the no inclusion of SP, but the other features missing is just a big no-no to purchase the game. Not to mention they will have possibilities to pay for unlocking everything, and even more as DLC.

ninsigma1160d ago

Trust EA to screw up one of the most anticipated titles. This could have been huge. Releasing near the movie would have really uped the sales. It had all the potential in the world for EA but this reveal has completely turned me off it until I see gameplay and DLC plans. Once again gamers are shafted for the benefit of the publisher. If they can f this up so bad for battlefront, a game we've wanted for years, how is the game visceral are working on gonna go down?? So frickeN annoyed EA are the only ones allowed to make star wars games.

annoyedgamer1160d ago

Thank the dirt bags at Disney.

Dark_matter1160d ago

Disney had nothing to do with this. EA brought their greedy way to the Star Wars game franchise when any other publisher (A better 1) could have brought it. EA just saw this as a cash cow for them to milk the franchise so they can milk other franchises.

ninsigma1159d ago

I don't blame Disney. They aren't game devs, I know they have their disney interactive guys but for a big game they wouldn't be able to do much with something like star wars. So really it was a good move for them. They have the rights to star wars and someone is paying them to put the franchise into another medium and they don't have to do anything. Good business move imo. The problem is the company they gave the rights to. If EA made decisions to benefit the industry as well as themselves this wouldn't be a problem. But we all know they have stupidly bad practices that screw us over. I am mad that EA has exclusive rights sw games but Disney aren't really in the game industry so Im not blaming them.

RedMotive1160d ago

Is anyone else really pissed that they removed the Republic/Separatist side of things? That was my favourite conflict in Star Wars: Battlefront. :(

RedMotive1160d ago

Sorry for double post but I just found out that there will be no space battles. Major let down...