Microsoft Were Not Given An Advance Copy of Star Wars Battlefront Video, Gameplay At E3, & More Info

Possible new info on Star Wars Battlefront.

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MasterCornholio854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

"As you can see from the image below (pointed out by bravoIntel), the trailer that was posted at Major Nelson a.k.a. Larry Hryb has the Sony branding. But if you look at post now, it has been replaced. It could have been a mistake, but who knows."

Thats what i meant by funny.

holysmokesbatman854d ago

I noticed that too on the xbox youtube channel, must have been a mistake, although I didn't really think it was funny, perhaps a little silly...

Eonjay854d ago

Honest mistake and nowhere near as bad as the photo shopped Watch Dogs trailer where the PlayStation buttons were blurred out.

subtenko854d ago

Microsoft the one guy that never gets the invite...

DICE: Hey Sony I want you do come to my party

Sony: Yea man, let's do this!

M$: Well DICE, heh it's the weekened, you doing anything?

DICE: Nah I'm just with relatives helping out..

M$: Hey Sony what's up pal? You doing anything over the weekened?

Sony: Uh I gotta uh take it easy, docs orders...see ya next week tho buddy!

M$: :(

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Transistor854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

Sony has exclusive marketing for this title, don't expect to see much tied to Xbox One in terms of advertising. They will pushing Halo 5, very hard.

SWBF along with Black Ops 3 and an unannounced PS4 exclusive is going to be huge for PS4 this holiday season.

KarmaV12854d ago

Black Ops 3?? What are you talking about?

Transistor854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

PS4 has advertising rights for Black Ops 3. Commercials, bundles, etc.

Sevir854d ago

I'm not so sure about black ops 3... Sony has never particularly been able to land partnerships with Activision for COD. And I don't see that changing.

quenomamen854d ago

If I was Sony I'd let COD warm the bench this go round. Actually I'd let MS have it back. Game's more stale than a six month old fart.

reallyNow854d ago Show
marlinfan10854d ago

I think you're mistaken about the BO3

Transistor854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

Third parties in general aren't as eager to work with Microsoft as they once were. This goes for exclusives and marketing.

Jalva854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

All Microsoft has to say is "Play it first on Xbox One" since Sony idiotically refused to have EA Access on the PS4, now that they have nothing to release in the holiday season they're latching onto EA to carry them through it, and anything Sony announces at E3 won't be out for at least another year, it's always been that way, you can disagree all you want N4G but this is exactly what's happening, I wouldn't expect people to agree with what I said on a site as biased as this one anyway, doesn't make my comment any less valid though.

donthate854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

Technically, the marketing budget for Bloodborne and The Order was just pushed from the holidays to this Spring as the games were delayed into this year.

The next Uncharted also got pushed until next year, so that leaves MGS and Battlefront. Ironically, you can play Battlefront first on Xbox One.

I think MS strategically figured they can allocate that money other places, and Sony thought it was worth it. They are probably all right, and what does it matter anyways for readers here whom the vast majority already have the console of their preference.

This is just childish bickering.

ocelot07854d ago

@Jalva you have a point. But it is not like Sony cant change there mind about EA access. Or if it is anything like Battlefield Hardline at last E3. PS4 and PC players where able to try the Alpha while the XB1 could not. Similer thing could happen and PS4 players could get into the Battlefront Alpha while XB1 owners can't.

Genuine-User854d ago


Clutching at them mighty straws again are we.

a few things to note:

-Microsoft can't legally make a statement of service on behalf of EA
-Sony does not require EA advertising partnership to sell more Units than an Xbox one
-Sony has exclusive games planned for holiday 2015

You're wrong about everything. I don't know whether to take you seriously or laugh at you.

MrBeatdown853d ago (Edited 853d ago )


"anything Sony announces at E3 won't be out for at least another year, it's always been that way"

Is that so?

Bloodborne, released nine months after being announced at E3.

LittleBigPlanet 3, released five months after being announced at E3.

Never mind other games like Gran Turismo 6 that were announced with well under a year to go before release.

Facts can be such a pain in the ass.

pivotplease853d ago

Personally expecting a proper Ratchet reveal and release this year so that will be great news. Definitely interested to see if something else comes up from Guerilla or Santa Monica though. Also, everyone should buy Persona 5. That series deserves success more than any of the shooters we've already played in a new skin.

NuggetsOfGod853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

The fact that a mutiplat game sells more on one console vs the other because of marketing shows how lame and unaware console gamers are lol

Even though we have internet.

Anything usually supported by the masses is usually lame anyway.

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vishmarx854d ago

hardly, considering ms has the marketing deal for witcher 3 and a month from release , were yet to see a single ps4 screenshot
its all fair, shitty , but fair.

im still surprised ms let sony bag the marketing for fall's biggest multiplats twice in a row now. especially since its EA this time. sony didnt even take their ea access service
didnt ea give 3 free games on playstation as well for no apparent reason? also isnt tf2 multiplat now?
wonder what happened

tinynuggins854d ago

It's pretty simple really. Sony offered a better deal for the marketing rights or MS didn't throw their hat in the ring. Not much more than that. MS has a full plate this holiday and has a marketing budget each quarter. Buying the rights for battlefront would have meant less money for halo, tomb raider and forza.

BattleAxe854d ago

It probably also has to do with the fact that Microsoft's flagship game (Halo 5) is releasing this fall, and they're probably already planning to spend a tonne of money promoting that title. I'm sure that if they didn't have Halo 5 coming out in the fall, then they would have fought for marketing rights.

chrismichaels04854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

@tinynuggins - MS may have a "full plate" this holiday season with Halo, Tomb Raider and Forza...but lets be honest. The only other AAA retail game I think they have to market this entire year is Witcher 3. Marketing budget is not a factor.

As of right now, Sony will be marketing Bloodborne, The Order 1886, MLB15 The Show, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V and now even Star Wars Battlefront. Sonys plate has been just as full as MS, but that didnt stop them from going out and getting another marketing deal.

spacedelete854d ago

PS4 sold 20 million consoles. thats what happened.

Chevalier854d ago

It's funny that even without advertising PS4 version will outsell Xbone version.

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SpaceRanger854d ago

It was probably a mistake, but a small chuckle nonetheless lol

It's not that big of a deal really. My brother said he didn't even notice the Playstation logo sequence at the end since he left the video page before that. I'm sure that was probably the case for whoever updated the site with the video.

The_Infected854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

"The insider also spoke to a number of journalists who saw the gameplay footage and he was able to confirm that the level of graphical quality seen in the trailer are one and the same."

I find this hard to believe. That and being 60fps just seems impossible. I'd love to be wrong though.

vishmarx854d ago

take a look at bf4 on ps4
with less players
no cross gen
less destruction
infinite budget
and more importantly , seemingly high level of optimizations specifically for ps4(considering thats what they chose to show the game on , in its first showing)
its not exactly impossible.
were barely into current gen exclusive development,
witcher 3 and batman ak should set a much better precedent .

Nirvana31591854d ago

I just hope they chose PS4 as the leading platform so we don't have to deal with weird resolution and frame dips

854d ago
DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes854d ago

Reminds me of PSN using a font designed by Insomniac for XO's Sunset Overdrive.

rainslacker854d ago

Or MS using KZ:SF to promote the X1

Think that's a much more direct comparison to use...but I'm not a troll so what would I really know?

Spotie854d ago

It doesn't remind you of that at all. That's just you doing a really poor job at reaching.