Stardock CEO Explains How Cloud Computing Can Help the Xbox One: "A Lot of Things Become Possible"

Microsoft has begun this generation by stressing rather heavily on what the cloud computing could bring to the Xbox One, but there are still many elements that remain unknown on how the tech could bring the console to new heights.

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Foehammer851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

"On the other hand, the Xbox One will get some help from the fact that nowadays all the commands from the CPU cores to the GPU compute units are serialized by DirectX 11. On the other hand developers will be able to have those instructions parallelized with the DirectX 12."

Good news, between this and the 15% increased ESRAM efficiency, I'm excited to see the improvement in the already great looking games.

gameseveryday851d ago

The eSRAM is not getting increased. It's getting a new API.

hkgamer851d ago

foehammer said 15% increased ESRAM efficiency. he knows that the esram isn't getting increased.

bleedsoe9mm851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

i'm no expert but an api thats a giant leap in hardware utilization from the sounds of it .

Kal0psia851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Exactly, that info should be HUGE. eSRAM getting it's own API is a huge deal. Also @Rashid, with "Pix" it is getting an efficiency increase. Such an ignorant comment and yet you get all those likes? hhmmmm.... smh

Eonjay851d ago

Umm @ all of the against Rashid:
Have you considered the possibility that he responded to the comment before it was edited.

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solar851d ago

im sure all the fake developers on this site will refute his opinion.

DragonKnight851d ago

I'm no developer, fake or otherwise, but I will say that he may as well just apply to work at Microsoft. He's been their mouthpiece on this forever. He does a lot of talking, hasn't really shown anything. MS has tried touting the power of the cloud since the Xbox One launched and nothing has come of it, even they have pretty much stopped talking about it. This Stardock CEO hasn't shut up about DX12 even after Phil Spencer kept telling people not to expect much from it for the Xbox One, and now he's on his cloud kick. He'd probably give Aaron Greenburg and Major Nelson a run for their money.

DarXyde851d ago

Brad Wardell isn't a bad source, but it would be nice to have more opinions. It works both ways: he's a developer with experience with the hardware so his opinion has some merit, but he's also just about the only opinion.

Microsoft has a testimony. Great! Now get more .

Microsoft themselves haven't made any wild claims about DX12 for instance regarding Xbox One, but they're not going to confirm or deny these claims either because it generates hype.

It's Capcom and Street Fighter II all over again. They kept quiet about the existence of a Shenlong character because it got people playing to try unlocking that character. Once the hype died down, they came out and told everyone there's no such thing. In this case, Microsoft is riding the waves. Not a bad thing, they're just letting others draw conclusions.

lemoncake851d ago

Aye and the mods wont do anything to clear up those troll comments on these articles, say some stuff on the order articles though and you get shut down and suspended within a few mins of posting.

fr0sty851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

His opinion is worthless due to the fact that we're going on 2 years into this generation and not a single example has been given of how cloud computing will boost power of Xbox One in ways other consoles can't. You don't have to be an expert to know they're not putting their money where their mouth is. As soon as DX12 launches we'll be hearing about yet another pending update that is supposed to magically boost XO's power and enable 1080p on most games.

Kal0psia851d ago


Due to the fact Dx12 hasn't been released and cloud computing is so new it's still in development with an already established titles? All facts you refuse to consider and yet you have all those bubbles? Sad.

I mean you're making these statements as if Microsoft is hyping this for console mostly, if anything as far as I've seen and read the bigger deal is with PC, yet you're here with your obvious fanboy bias comments.

donthate851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Brad Wardell is one of the few people that has access to DirectX 12 and is willing to talk about. He is a accomplished developer and business guy so I take his word over a bunch of anonymous people supposedly developer. Even more sketch is the armchair devs on this site refuting Brad Wardell without any credentials to show.

At least at neogaf they weed some of the armchair devs out unlike n4g!

Some proof is already shown with the cloud as you just have to search for it, let alone the fact that if you can stream games like PS Now over internet and deal with input lag in multiplayer games, why can we not deal with cloud computation?

Is there really no type of processing that isn't latency or bandwidth intensive, but massively computation sensitive and/or memory intensive?

If you don't see this, you aren't a real dev or you are just lying to yourself.

TheCommentator851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Listen to yesterdays podcast guys. There's a lot of good info there besides what is in this article.

Brad says he's got the only DX12 engine running right now because he's been working with AMD and that without AOTS, there wouldn't even be a PC benchmark yet. That's why MS can't give an exact performance gain on XB1, and why Brad is the only one talking. Phil is managing expectations because without a DX12 game running on XB1, he doesn't have data to talk about yet, but XB1 will become more capable(not powerful) with DX12.

UltraNova850d ago

@ TheCommentator

What are you talking about? They can easily get an UE4 xb1 DX12 demo up and running in a matter of days, benchmark that against the DX11/xb1 existing API and get all the early results on how much of an improvement DX12 really is at this point of development.

And trust me they already did something like that. Now why they aren't talking about their test results its anyone's guess!

LordMaim850d ago

As I said, three days ago: Why is it that every time I see a piece praising Xbox One hardware, the quote is coming out of the mouth of Brad Wardell? Is he shopping Stardock out to Microsoft for sale?

NuggetsOfGod850d ago

200 fake devs vs the one real dev talking up xbox in the universe who btw makes only pc games right now.

rainslacker850d ago

I'm sure all the fake developers will also say this is good news despite not knowing the difference between serial and parallel operations.:)

It is good news of course, but I highly doubt FoeHammer can say why one has the advantage over the other.

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Iluvtrim851d ago

Nice to hear Brad say all these things but I'll hold my thoughts until I actually see for myself what DX12 can do on XBO. I really think others should just do the same as well and lay off the fanboyism.

headblackman851d ago

they won't, because that wouldn't benefit the agenda for why they are doing it in the first place. but i agree with you 100%

851d ago
Eonjay851d ago

You know, Brad is a developer so it would be far easier for him to just create an example. Talk is talk, but he could just as easily do a before and after Xbox One demo. People like to see results. Then it would be much clearer what real world results look like.

And before anyone says it, yes Microsoft could easily do the same thing.

kurruptor851d ago

He's never developed for a console. He admittedly doesn't know much.

DevilishSix851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Honestly not a big difference, it's just PR speak. The hardware in X1 is 3 years old and outdated already.

thexmanone851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Same As is the PS4`s Hardware. Can`t wait for steambox At least you will be able to update the hardware if you want to.

wcas851d ago

When the Xbox One has the same power for gaming that the PS4 does then I will be interested. It simply won't because under the hood the X1 hardware for gaming just isn't on par with the PS4 hardware gaming capabilities, period, end of story. Cloud for X1 is simply not going to be enough to catch X1 up to PS4. Plain and simple, get used to it. The real benefits of cloud gaming will be on PC and future consoles. When and if the X1, with it's inferior gaming hardware surpasses PS4 gaming capabilities because of the "cloud" then I will be interested. Until then it is just drummed up propaganda where MS and their biased supporters will tell people what cloud will do for PC in the future and cleverly imply that those benefits will greatly help X1. Show me, lots of talk going on but at the end of the day PS4 continues to out perform X1 when it comes to gaming.

emilijo777850d ago

exactly. let's hope that in a future xbox one will be able to run multiplats in 1080p like PS4

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DragonbornZ851d ago

E3 needs to hurry up. I need to see me some crackdown.

christocolus851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

i feel your pain man. E3 is still so far away and i need to see scalebound so bad.

DanzoSAMA851d ago

i need to see Gears of war 4

vega275851d ago

I'm hoping they do show crackdown even if its a year or so off. Just give me something already

Mkai28851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

I agree, I think they mentioned the cloud too early and should've just announced it with some game that was using it. Not just Forza.

Why o why851d ago

Is it only me that would prefer to see another crimson skies over crackdown especially after that last dlc dressed up a full price crackdown. I know its different houses and genres but......c'mon

vega275851d ago

I don't think they mentioned it too early. Just some people don't have patients. If you rush it out there could be many mistakes which could hurt it more. But if you take the time and show it when it's ready many of the nay sayer will turn tail and hide or claim they were just waiting for proof cause crow pie doesn't taste good.

Do I believe it will help X1. Sure. maybe not massively but it will help. But the fanboys in the other camp believes it won't do anything for the console.

Like I said I just want to see and play crackdown. Not because of the cloud or DX12. But because I loved the first game.

d_g851d ago

i guess we will need time machine