GTA 3 Safehouse Spotted In Grand Theft Auto 5

Of course, Rockstar adds references like this to their games all the time.

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crazychris41241067d ago

Doesn't look anything like it.

SonyWarrior1067d ago

not even close to it. plus gta 3 was liberty city so if they were to reference it it would have been in gta4

donwel1067d ago

It's gameranx, what were you expecting?

Elit3Nick1067d ago

Hurr Durr I found a garage door that looks like the garage door from GTA3, easter egg confirmed

dcj05241067d ago

I found the sun. Easter Egg confirmed

NecotheSergal1067d ago

wuw i found motorbike in gta5 it must be reference to gta4 dlc the lost and the damned

subtenko1067d ago

Click on website + below "read full story" (Which hardly anyone does) Rate story quality "WTF", Like this website? "No".

Stupid BS

JamesBondage1067d ago

apparently a lot of people did that, clicked the link, doesnt work

Deathnote1281067d ago

Umm no. It would look exact if rockstar really wanted to put it in.

Its just a normal door and garage.

deadpoolio3161067d ago

I think you mean, that the game would be set in Liberty City, if Rockstar was going to add an Easter egg like that....Since GTA III never went anywhere near Los Santos why would it have a GTA III Easter egg

KwietStorm1067d ago

That's not how easter eggs work. You can put any easter egg you want into literally anything you've created, in reference to something you've created previously, or even something someone else created previously, like the Legend of Zelda sword in infamous Second Son, for example. The point with this is, it's just a garage door, so unless it's an easter egg for all the world's garages, then nah.

Cam9771067d ago

This is literally the stupidest click bait article I've seen all week

Bobby Kotex1067d ago

Considering this is is N4G, that's quite an accomplishment.

Clown_Syndr0me1067d ago

There is a film studio in GTA V and also in Vice City. Easter egg confirmed. /s

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The story is too old to be commented.