Star Wars: Battlefront "Looks Great on Xbox One as Well;" Gameplay "Will Come in Due Time"

There has been a lot of talk about Star Wars: Battlefront, especially about graphics and about the direction DICE has chosen for the game, and Producer Jesper Nielsen had more information to give about that on Reddit.

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thorstein1069d ago

Good interview. I like his honesty. Sorry, hateboys, you'll just have to wait till it's ready.

Abriael1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Haha, it's not exactly an interview, but yeah, Nielsen is often bluntly honest on reddit and neogaf, and I like that.

It probably comes from the fact that he used to be a game journo before. He wrote for Gamereactor if I'm not mistaken.

johndoe112111069d ago

So are you saying that game journos are honest people? You're kidding right?

Abriael1069d ago

No. I'm saying that a lot of people that work in the game industry coming from the press tend to be less filtered than the usual producer that was PR-trained from the ground up.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1069d ago

I'm sure it will look ok. But like all other games it will be the worst looking one.

LexHazard791068d ago

Did you run that analysis by Neil deGrasse Tyson before you commented? Lol..

Transistor1069d ago

It's funny that people think this isn't going to look absolutely amazing.

a) It's the first time Frostbite 3 has been used without being tied to last gen.

b) The game has way less destruction than Battlefield games.

c) Dice is not Ubisoft.

CorndogBurglar1069d ago

"Gameplay will come in due time" = E3.

user74029311069d ago

good news for xbox one owners, im tired of you guys getting the short end of the stick all of the time from us ps4 users.

Dabigkahuna5041069d ago

Explain to me why wouldn't it be if it looks good on the ps4 it should look good on the X1 just might look sharper on the ps4 that's all

Letthewookiewin1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Don't get your hopes up the gap will continue to grow. You can't help a weaker GPU. It will go beyond just a sharper image I guarantee it. Just enjoy the X1 for its exclusive's give up on parity.

Dabigkahuna5041069d ago

You must have the X1 confused with the Xbox 360

Letthewookiewin1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

That's funny. It dosent matter which one I talk about they both have weaker GPU's than the PS4. Facts sometimes hurt.

n4rc1069d ago

wtf are you talking about?

it hasnt grown at all, its shrunk..

and 360 had the stronger gpu if im not mistaken..

lifeisgamesok1069d ago

They'll be 2 extra blades of grass... wow that gap! ;)

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aceitman1069d ago

it is rumored that sony is offering help to dice to make it the best experience on ps4

Dabigkahuna5041069d ago

Just asking but does Dice really need any help from anybody heard they have some of the best graphics designers in the business

Brotard1069d ago

where did you here this rumor?

Rookie_Monster1068d ago


His inner fanboy demon said it to him in his sleep. LOL

isa_scout1069d ago

Regardless of what people might say on the internet I for one am amped for this game. I'm glad it's not like Battlefield or Battlefront 2. Honestly, from the trailer I expect it to be more of a hybrid between the two. The people that didn't think DICE would reiterate and change things about a game that released over a decade ago were kidding themselves. Some things that made sense ten years ago just wouldn't fit in the multiplayer space anymore. The only thing I find ridiculous is charging ten more dollars for two cosmetic items that they call a "deluxe edition". Give me a collectors edition with an AT-AT STATUE then maybe I'll bump my preorder up from the standard edition.

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