Halo 5 Guardians Will Have A New Positional Audio System, Dev Comments On Active Reload System

Finally some news for Halo 5 that doesn’t involve spoilers or Agent Locke.

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gamer78041183d ago

will halo5 utilize the impulse triggers anyone know? i hope so.

Elit3Nick1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

They confirmed that they will be in


Here's a site that says that Frank O'Connor confirmed it, but the actual video is private

gamer78041183d ago

thats good to hear, do you have a link or anything i could read about where they said that? thanks!

gamer78041183d ago

Thx for your help. Can't wait for this game.

wakeNbake1183d ago

Umm duh. Im pretty sure the beta used it.

audiophile1011183d ago

Glad they are implementing that but my headphones already provide positional audio so I doubt it will change much

Halo2ODST21183d ago

This is like the most epic & interesting news yet. /s Why don't they tell us what they're doing with the gameplay instead, so far the game is lacking any new features, hear me out, halo 2 added dual wielding, highjacking & regenerating health, halo 3 added equipment,forge, theater, better physics, halo reach added armour abilities, superior gunplay, halo 4 reused sprint, no longer an armour ability; it's defualt now, custom classes,killstreaks,killcam, cod features etc,but from what i gathered from wen i played the beta, there was nothin new.

bcrazy181183d ago

How can you say there was nothing new? Did you even play the beta? If you did then you can say the armor abilities, ground pound, clambering, ADS like aiming system, no life revival while sprinting, no more load outs or ordinance drops, no more equipment. That's a pretty significant list for not changing anything.

Halo2ODST21183d ago

@Bcrazy18 Yea i played the bete, ads is purely a cosmetic change, even 343 have said so, it doesn't add anything to the gameplay. yea they adddd 2 new armour abilities but removed 7, where's jetpack, hologram, bubble shield, evade, armour lock, camoflage??? Having it so your shield doesn't regenerate while youre using unlimited sprint is innovative how? In reach if you used armour lock your shield doesn't regen either, what a new feature, ... from 2010. Here's a question, how is taking away armour abilities, equipment, loadouts/custom classes & ordanance adding to the game in any way ? - that's blatantly taking away from the game.

bcrazy181183d ago

All those features and equipment created a unbalanced playing field and catered more towards COD. I am well aware of ADS being a cosmetic change and not to gameplay itself, but thanks for clarifying that for me. It prevents players from running away when they're about to die as a scapegoat for being less talented to the other player. Players shouldn't be rewarded for running away when they're about to die. This and armor lock are not the same thing so please stop trying to compare.

christocolus1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I got the feeling Halo 5 is gonna rock my world sooo bad :) E3 is roughly 70 days from today yet if feels like 365 days :(

ScorpiusX1183d ago

Sounds cool, can't wait to hear more about it . Please try to keep in house , but if you feel the need to share do it for a ridiculous amount .

lolosgolos1183d ago

From the guys who played the beta, can you recommend HALO 5 from the matches you tried cause it seems there is a lot of confidence in this title

lastking951183d ago

Yes it was awesome and the most balanced weapons in halo to date.

spicelicka1183d ago

It was brilliant, its the perfect balance between old and the mew.

StrayaKNT1183d ago

Best Halo multiplayer I have ever played and probably best multiplayer game ever made is what I thought after playing the beta. Everything halo was is just made perfect and so much fun.

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