The best PC games

Eurogamer's best games lists aim to guide you to the highest quality, most original, most exciting games around today. Each regularly updated list presents between 10 and 20 varied games that we think would make a fine foundation for any game collection.

With a history as long as video games themselves and a breadth and depth in its software catalogue that will never be rivalled by any console, there is no other gaming platform like the PC. Its demise at the hands of its more consumer-friendly - or at least, marketing-friendly - console rivals has been predicted many times, always falsely. In 2015, revitalised by digital distribution, immense global multiplayer communities and a booming indie scene, and with the industry's worries about software piracy receding fast, it is arguably the most exciting and inarguably the most popular gaming platform in the planet.

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greenmiker1103d ago

Nice article by Eurogamer.

Volkama1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

I thought it was pretty terrible to be honest. A "best games" list is always going to be subjective, but this just reads like a "PC-centric games I've heard of" role call. Sure, they all have their fans. But I can't see any individual anywhere putting them all on the same "best games" list.

Roccetarius1103d ago

Certainly not on a list of mine, that's for sure. Give me a remastered Diablo 2 over 3 any day, then i'll be satisfied for years.