Mortal Kombat X Guide: How to Play Ferra and Torr

Twinfinite: This is the only variation of Ferra/Torr where Torr will fight solo while Ferra watches from the sidelines. However, the upside is that Torr will get an enhanced move set. As the name suggests, Torr Charge will allow Torr to dash towards his enemy and knock him to the ground. Back Breaker is a command throw where Torr grabs the enemy and crushes him before throwing him across the screen. Torr Up is kind of like Mortal Kombat‘s version of a Shoryuken where Torr performs an uppercut that launches the opponent into the air. Torr Up is a great setup move for a combo and juggle, and Boulder Roll is a great move to get an extra hit in right before the combo ends. Meter Burning Boulder Roll will give Torr two strikes instead of just one.

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