Conduit to Support 16-Player Online Multiplayer; Uses WiiSpeak

Kombo writes: High Voltage, developer of The Conduit for the Wii, has revealed that the came will come with an online multiplier component. Even more, the team currently has a build that supports up to 16 players at once. They also revealed functionality with WiiSpeak, Nintendo's new communication peripheral unveiled at yesterday's press conference.

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joeyda3775d ago

Huge news! Make use of the WiiSpeak!

GCNSeanFoster3775d ago

One good thing about Wii Speak is it is USB. With that being said hopefully Nyko,MadCatz or some 3rd party can make a USB headset for voice chat... I really do not dig the whole "room" chat...

Product3775d ago

well ill be damn.High Voltage is taking this game to AAA status with voice chat.

poopsack3775d ago

not trying to insult this game but by your logic if you can put voice chat on a piece of crap that makes it AAA?

phantomexe3775d ago

hell yea thats great news.After that bad E3 showing by nintendo.Product what you think of that E3 pretty sad?

iamtehpwn3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

This game and MadWorld are killer apps.

Smacktard3775d ago

Agreed. Nintendo's conference was awful. They just don't care about the hardcore gamer anymore. I'm still glad I have a Wii though, cause there's a lot of cool 3rd party games coming out. Little King's Story, Conduit, and Mad World to name a few.

N4g_null3775d ago

LOL truthfully they did not want to scare the casuals it seems. For the motion+ to be standard the casuals have to eat Wii resort up! It's a necessary evil it seems.

Rute3775d ago

To Smacktard: Just because Nintendo didn't mention hc games (apart from Monster Hunter and GTA DS) in their press conference event, doesn't mean they don't care about the hardcore gamers. It just means that Nintendo has a new image.

Nintendo has already confirmed upocming core titles like new Zelda and Pikmin 3 at the Developer Discussion Coverage of E3. EAD Tokyo, Retro Studios, Factor 5 and many other succesful studios are making secretly Wii core titles for Nintendo as we speak.

nintendostar3775d ago

If this doesn't get "hardcore gamers" a little interested then its not Nintendo's Wii they have a problem with *wink *wink

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The story is too old to be commented.