Dev Hints At SWBF Missing Features Coming Later, Says Game Is Incredibly Fun & Immersive

Producer Jesper Nielsen hints that some of the cut SWBF features might be coming later, just as they did with the games by Pandemic. He also praised the game's fun and immersive factors.

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Imp0ssibl31006d ago

Let's hope they don't just plan to milk us through DLCs.

poppinslops1006d ago

Oh, but they do... Have you seen the 'extra' pre-order 'content'?
It's two emotes and a some gear that's in the base game... you also get some free DLC a week earlier.

Palpatine himself would be proud.

HammadTheBeast1006d ago

2 emotes which are basically useless and instant unlock tokens for the gear, also useless. Free dlc a week earlier, also harmless. I'm not seeing the issue here, as far as offering free dlc it's already a step higher than the other EA games.

poppinslops1006d ago

The issue is people paying extra ($10)for stuff that's already in the game... the trailer makes it seem like you'll be getting additional or otherwise unavailable content.

Mega241006d ago

Haha, it's EA we're talking about. They will indeed add these features... through $15 DLC's.

XelaKNight1006d ago

Exactly lol. EA doesn't want to put Clone wars, Space battles, or anything extra that would make sense because then how would they sell us their $35 Season pass? Or their $15 - $20 DLC packs that turn the game into a complete product?

Blurmobjet1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Should shipping out a complete game be considered such a novel idea in this day and age?

Who needs Blu-ray? Might as well go back to shipping on CD (-_-)...

aliengmr1006d ago

No, I'm sure EA would never milk gamers with DLC.

LavaLampGoo1006d ago

So long as its not DLC I think everyone is happy with freebies dripping in every now and again after release

Alexious1006d ago

Don't really think they'll all be freebies

kaiserfranz1006d ago

Most assuredly not, considering it's EA.

ninsigma1006d ago

I have no problem with them releasing with content missing because of wanting a certain release time. I think that can work with a game such as this. But the missing content shouldn't be paid for. We should not be charged for content that really should have been in the game.

Aurenar1006d ago

Brace yourself: the definitive Star Wars game is coming.

pompombrum1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

The definitive Star Ward game already came.. as fun as DICE's battlefront will be, lets be honest, the definitive Star Wars game was KOTOR.

Alexious1006d ago

Personally I'd like to get another SWTOR with a new engine and combat, it could be amazing.

IWasHere1006d ago

- Only 40 players instead of 64
- No space battles
- No Clone Wars
- AT-AT not directly playable
- No Galaxy War mode
- Only 4 planets (where are Bespin and Yavin 4?)
- 1st & 3rd-person (3rd-person-view will give an advantage because they can look above and around corners and covers)

So many bad news about this game.

deadpoolio3161006d ago

LMAO ahh you mental midgets that just want to cry about everything.....

-They NEVER said no space battles
-They NEVER said no clone wars
-Galaxy War mode was NOT a campaign or a story, it was nothing more than the same thing from MP just done solo.
-THEY HAVE NEVER MENTIONED HOW MANY MAPS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON EACH OF THE 4 PLANETS, morons just want to cry about there only being 4 at launch when each of the 4 could have 10 maps for all anyone knows
-And WHY are you crying about 1st and 3rd person, is your life that pathetic, its not COD and IF you already think 3rd person has an advantage why wouldn't use just use 3rd and STFU.....Its not your job to tell people how they should play the game

Halo2ODST21006d ago

I thought there were space battles, well that's ashame as it was my main interest in stbf, clone wars are also boss

bleedsoe9mm1006d ago

problem when dev are more worried about graphics and P's and not worried about gameplay , if a games does look a certain way there will be a lynch mob and boycotts of your game .

jhoward5851006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

At first, I was a little concerned about SWBF not having other game play options to choose from.

But now I think the decision to keep SWBF limited to only having multi-play was a very smart move by DICE/EA simply because SWBF's online/game play activities is going to be very high.

That said, its obvious DICE/EA wanted to keep SWBF's game play option at a minimum so that they can work out any bugs as quickly as they can. Battlefield 4 was a nightmare for them because they had to sort out all the bugs for all game play options it had.

Well, one thing I know, SW is a very popular franchise and gamers would be piss off if they can play it online. DICE and EA can't afford to deal with back lashing from die hard SW fans.

Also, Keep in mind that DICE/EA are working on a new game play engine so it very likely they'll be lot of bugs popping up everywhere. That said, they have to take it slow until they get the hang of working with the new frostbite engine.

HammadTheBeast1006d ago

How is third person a bad point? You know how badly people would've reacted if it was an FPS only?

The 3rd person view WON'T give an advantage, because everyone has access to it. It's not a glitch or a cheat, it's a game mechanic, just like in the other 2 BF games.

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