Five N64 Games That Should Make a Virtual Console Appearance

Nintendo 64 games have finally arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console! Sure, I could have played the many N64 games that were released on the Wii Virtual Console, but then I’d be missing out on cool features like Resume Points. The modern Wii U Virtual Console experience is much more preferred these days, at least for me. Super Mario 64 is out now, with Donkey Kong 64 and Paper Mario due out by the end of the month. But what happens after that? I decided to list five games I would like to see released on the Wii U N64 Virtual Console. The odds of some of these titles listed below actually getting a Virtual Console release are slim, but I think they are worth mentioning anyway.

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Neonridr1103d ago

how does Conker work now? I mean does Rare not own the IP? We saw the original Perfect Dark remastered and released on Xbox Live (for the 360). Not to mention Xbox had the original Conker: Live and Reloaded version.

I would love to see the original Conker on the VC though, total nostalgia trip.

iplay1up21103d ago

Yeah, I am pretty sure Rare owns the IP, and since Microsoft owns Rare that won't happen. On the flip side most of Rares dream team has moved on, and are making a Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor.

wheresmymonkey1102d ago

MS own Conker along with Perfect Dark and everything else Rare made that wasn't an ip that was created by nintendo.

That means we're really unlikely to see Conker, Banjoe Kazooie or Perfect Dark on the VC.

StevieMacUK1101d ago

Conker is being remade in Project Spark.

There's also a sequel in development.

lunatic00011102d ago

would be cool to see conker but highly unlikely

pivotplease1102d ago

The two Zeldas are all I really need on there. Paper mario, diddy Kong racing, and goldeneye would be cool too. But Mario party 2? I remember being so underwhelmed when I started that game up and it had half the content of the original game. That and cowboy hats annoy the hell out of me.

Oh he hasn't played it and that's why it's on the list. Thinking of n64 just reminds me how awesome rare used to be and then I think of that egoraptor video with rare on a chain at e3 lol.

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