The Order 1886 Photo Mode Proves It´s Worth Your Time Again

Pick of 29 screenshots taken using new photo-mode shows amazing details and body destruction.

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Takwin1187d ago

I preordered the game, beat it the day I got it, sold it on eBay the next day and shipped it the following day. Never have I had a turnaround so fast for a game from receiving from Amazon and handing it to the postal worker.

The game itself fell flat for me, and was probably a 6/10. I had such high hopes for it but it was too simplistic and too short.

I don't see how any amount of amazing still pictures would make me want to experience the game again.

All that said, if they double the game length AND provide a lot more complexity and variety in gameplay, then they can really make a massive jump in quality for the second one. The world itself and the graphics are truly amazing.

ninsigma1187d ago

There is definitely some aspects to the game where it fell down (like the lycan battles) but I really enjoyed the game. It was a solid enough start to a franchise for me. I would put it akin to assassins creeds beginning (plenty of problems yet it has become one of the biggest franchises we have today) There are definitely improvemts I'd like to see in the sequal but like I said, as it stands I thought it was a great game and have no regrets for buying it.

I've traded in the order as well, against Bloodborne and though the new camera mode looks awesome, I agree with you that it's not something I'd re-buy the game for, but if I still had it I'd give it a try for sure.

Kurisu1187d ago

I've still got my copy of the game. I figure that the re-sell value will be next to nothing, so I may as well keep it. It's not the best game ever, but it's playable. Maybe I'll go back to it again at some point in the future when I've got nothing to play.

ninsigma1187d ago

yeah the value I got off was pretty crap. Luckily there was a bonus on trade in at gamestop for level 3 members. I wouldn't have traded it at all but I knew i wouldn't go back to it after playing through it twice because of all the new stuff coming out and the price of games these days is just crap that I trade in when I can.

If they make a sequal I may re-buy it second hand before that comes out. Doubt I'll need to worry about that for a while though.

Kurisu1187d ago

I missed the trade in offer at the GAME store here. There was a guaranteed £30 back if you completed it and traded it within a few days, but it actually took me just over a week because I didn't really have that much time to play it.

ninsigma1187d ago

I got less than that even with the membership bump. If you have other games to trade you could trade the order with them to get a bit extra off the next game. It's not like it's a bad game to have anyway but like I said if it's not something that will be played again or for some time it's nice to get so of the price off of the next game due to how expensive they are.

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OhMyGandhi1186d ago

I did pretty much the same thing, but instead of buying it, I rented it from a redbox in the morning, on my day off, and beat it early afternoon.
I didn't have any particular feelings about the game.
People who say it was "atrocious" or "bad" are off point, just as people who say it was "amazing" and a "solid entry in a potential franchise".

Once I beat the game, It was no different from how I felt after watching Van Helsing or Priest...A bunch of pretty pictures, stirring soundtrack and talking heads, with little fun to be had.

The game felt good to play, killing things felt solid enough. The weapons were mildly interesting, and the level design was rather good. What struck me as quite interesting was that, given the incredible technology on display, with mocap, and the intricate details of each pore on each character's face, They still gave wooden performances. How the hell is that even possible?

If the game is to revolve around story, or sell itself as "story driven" and "cinematic", then it must understand what it is that makes a movie cinematic. It's not shaky cam, instagram filters, and shouting. It's not widescreen. Ready at Dawn simply missed the point.

A game that wants to make you feel like you are in a movie, is what movies are trying to be: games. Every game you play wants to make you feel like you are part of the action. That's the point. You don't need to understand nor implement filmic design to make an entertaining, possibly linear, adventure.

As it stands, The Order is not a bad game. It is a game that has no clue as to what it aspires to be. Decent combat/cover mechanics and beautiful visuals do nothing to disguise an otherwise dull tale. Unfortunately, it's not the moment to moment gunplay that weakens the game, it's the game's obsessive adherence to non-interactive storytelling. What Ready at Dawn doesn't realize is that games can actually PUT you in the experience. When Gordon Freeman is front and center to a test gone wrong in the original Half life, there isn't some pre rendered sequence where we lose control of him. We don't have some strange out of body experience every few steps we take.

By restricting control of the player character, we are constantly pulled out of the experience. We are reminded that not only is this a game, and not a movie, but it's a game that willfully disregards and resents any notion of agency within the game world.

Section81185d ago

Obviously someone didn't do their homework on this game before he bought it. Did you just buy it on a whim? This game was excellent. A little short but I knew exactly what I was getting into.

Takwin1185d ago

I did my homework but not enough. I wish all the major reviews were out before my preorder had shipped from Amazon. This was the first game I have ever preordered (out of probably 50 in the past 5 years) that I tried to cancel at the last minute.

If I would have read the reviews, I would've waited for the game to get to $30 (and then sell it for $20 or more), making it a $10 experience.

As is, I paid $60 and sold it for $45, so it was a $15 experience.

kazman1187d ago

photo mode doesn't make a bad game better. not a horrible game just way over hyped.
same here I bought it used 2 days and I beat it now sell it and hope I can get my money back

Mkai281187d ago

Yay, lets replay the whole game for a photo mode! Because it shows off the power of the PS4. ;)

lemoncake1187d ago

Shouldn't that be rewatch, dont know who would want to take photos of cutscenes.

StevenSeagul1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

It really isn't worth my time again. The game wasn't great, but since it's an exclusive game, people overhyped it before they even saw gameplay of it.

Do not pay full price for this game. If you want to play it, wait for Sony to offer it free on PS Plus, rent it, or buy it second hand in a GameStop bargain bin in a few months.

GMW1187d ago

The graphics and story/intrigue alone are worth the purchase to me. Graphics are one of the main reasons to buy a game then closely followed by gameplay. The orders graphics are a great sight to behold. That said another similar game or a part two would have to either ramp up the graphics significantly or give me much better gameplay or an even better story, to buy it again.

Lamboomington1186d ago

Whatever said and done, photomode in this game will be great. RAD should ship their next game with photomode.

With all that realtime lighting, reflections and material rendering, it would really do wonders

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