Dragon Quest Heroes: Warriors, Action RPG, Tower Defense, and Damn Fun [Hands-on Preview] - GR

"It looks wonderful and plays even better. It has all kinds of goodies for Dragon Quest fans, but its gameplay is plenty accessible for anyone and everyone to jump right in. And given how much fun I had, I openly encourage the curious to do just that." -GR

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knifefight1189d ago

I hope the DLC from the Japanese version is just already on the disc (and not locked, I mean) for the international versions.

yuukiliu1189d ago

It wasn't really DLC, they just added it during game updates(so it will no doubt be on the disc). I never had to go to the PSN store to download anything. I've had the game since launch. After just finishing DQ7 on my 3DS this game has been a blast. The music is wonderful, the combat is fluid, fast paced and fun. The monster coins are a nice feature. Nothing like beating down a battlerex and using its coin to rain down terror on the enemy. The story is also interesting enough that even when the combat feels a little repetitive (which it can after a long playthrough) you still feel the need to push forward.

I haven't even made it to the New quests/side quests they added in the weekly updates yet. You have to pass a certain part well into game. I am at 30 hours and still haven't got to that point.

hkgamer1188d ago

so basically content that is downloaded via a patch update.

thorstein1188d ago

The fact that this is on consoles bodes well for Dragon Quest XI. I would love for the series to return to consoles.

Abash1188d ago

Definitely will be getting it


I cannot wait for this! I kind of would like to see other franchises take on the musou genre.