A game about cancer, one year later

"It’s day three of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Ryan Green is crying. Just seconds before, he had a particularly emotional conversation with a stranger who played Green’s game — a conversation he asks not to be repeated.

Green’s development partner, Josh Larson, listens quietly to a summary of the discussion. He's heard similar stories before, filled with pain and suffering. Then Larson reaches and places his arm around Green. It’s a process they’ve repeated more than a few times.

It’s not the type of scene you typically see in development pairs at GDC, or at any conference. But Green and Larson are not typical developers, nor are they making a typical game. The details people share in the quiet space around Green and Larson are more personal than most.

This corner of the Indie Megabooth is where Green and Larson are showing off the latest build of their long-anticipated game, That Dragon, Cancer. The game chronicles the last years of Joel"

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