AMD/NVIDIA Market-Share Graph Shows NVIDIA Conquering, 3 Out of 4 PC Gamers Own an NVIDIA GPU

Beyond3D's member 'dbz' has shared an interesting graph, showing the percentage of purchased NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards over the past few years

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bunt-custardly1188d ago

Sorry but that graph hurts my eyes will someone with more intelligence than I explain it to me please.

DragoonsScaleLegends1188d ago

I went and looked at the chart just so I could explain it to prove I had more intelligence than you but I guess I don't lol.

cmgs1188d ago

Its not even difficult. It is percentage of nvidia and amd graphics card market share on a time function, value of each line summed up is at 100- 99.5 percent, and it legends release dates of products from both companies at critical points of graph. Currently nvidia is around 74 and amd 26, which is really bad for them and nvidia is basically creating a monopoly.

DevilOgreFish1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

"AMD/NVIDIA Market-Share Graph Shows NVIDIA Conquering, 3 Out of 4 PC Gamers Own an NVIDIA GPU"

They both make good GPUs and they've both had their ups and downs on a couple products. What sets the companies apart is the partnerships and marketing campaigns. Nvidia gets dibs on almost every ubisoft game, and a couple other companies too.

And that catch frase "the way it's meant to be played". It's a free enterprise for businesses to practice such methods, but it is sort of a disservice to other companies and customers that want to also do business.

This is not to say that Customers won't be satisfied buying into the ad campaigns, because of how well the products can be. There is no shame however in looking at other options that may suit your accommodations.

KingWookiee1188d ago

The dark blue line is NVIDIA and the light blue is AMD. Just look at the right and look at how low the number is for AMD and how high it is for NVIDIA. NVIDIA has 3/4 of the market share right now and AMD has to pull out something amazing to bring itself back to the glory days.

ninsigma1188d ago

Darker line is nvidia other is amd. length wise is yearly quarters starting from q3 2003. Height scale is market share in percentage.
the boxes show which cards were released during the corresponding time period on the bottom scale for nvidia and amd.

I think that's it. Could be missing a few bits of info but that's what it looks like to me.

decrypt1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

The battle kind of reminds me of the last days of 3DFX before they went out of business.

Nvidia kept releasing updated hardware after updated hardware while good old 3DFX kept falling behind, until they were no more in business.

AMD seems to be on a similar path, 290x was awesome the only thing holding it back were the drivers. 290x easily beat gtx 780 in most of the benches. Up came the GTX 780 ti which sort of leveled the playing field. GTX 980 is significantly ahead of the 290x, While the Titan X almost beats out 295x(dual gpu).

AMD needs to get the next hardware out and they need better drivers to back it up or its GG.


I think its a question of confidence when it comes to AMD, i think their driver team has disappointed too many people. I personally havent bought a AMD GPU since the 5000 series thats about 6 years ago.

Sashamaz1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )


P.S. wish they would lover their prices though.

Nio-Nai1188d ago

The 980 isn't "significantly" ahead of the 290x, considering it's nearly 2 years new and only pulls just ahead in the vast majority of games.

I find it silly how uneducated nonsense like this get's upvoted all the time.

This is why AMD's market share goes down, because people spread complete lies.

The frame rate gains that the 9xx series has over the 2xx series isn't that impressive when you think about just how old the 2xx series is in comparison.

And especially when it came to prices prior to the 970 fiasco. you could get a 290 for $250 USD, once that stuff hit the fan they shot well over $300 dollars again.

And then once you get into 4k.

The 2xx series does more than just hold it's own, especially for being so much older then the 9xx series cards..

Again, people like you who keep spreading completely incorrect information are the reason that AMD's market share is going down. And this whole "driver" stuff needs to completely stop. It was funny in 2006. But considering that recently it has been Nvidia who has released not 1 but 2 drivers that have fried and bricked cards I find it strange how people can even still say "amd drivers" with a straight face.

And for those who don't know, 2010 driver 196.75 was frying Nvidia cards, and again in 2013 with driver 320.18. Two officially released drivers that were destroying cards, and people still back the company and spread the "lol drivers" BS...

Again, you and people like you are the reason Nvidia is building monopoly on the market.

bluzone1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

@Nio-Nai well said bubble up.
Speaking of drivers. Anyone else pick up a bit of performance with the last amd beta drivers.
I picked up about a 6% in 3-D mark 11. 350 points. Very respectable on an old pair of HD 7950's.

cmgs1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

@Nio-Nai AMD does not give a flying fuck about laptops for both gpu and cpu. And for both desktop and laptops all they do is rebranding old hardware, or worse do not even do that and reduce prices of old hardware and present them as main product, or make nonsensical low end products that nobody asked for. Also compare driver release frequency of AMD and Nvidia. That and Nvidia hardware has better software features.

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NuggetsOfGod1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I will be supporting amd next time.

Just a thank for changing the pc gaming industry with low level api push & freesync which makes monitors $200 cheaper for me & co-developing HBM memory which will give us up to 1tb/s bandwidth come HBM2 in 2016.

Shame really. Imho I think AMD actually likes to benefit the pc gaming industry.

Nvidia locks down and wants to benefit only nvidia.

Industry wide has nvidia done anything lately? In the last 5 years @ the level amd is doing?

If nvidia could help it dx12 would be a gameworks feature and requires gsync scam.

Good thing one of my fav games of all time Deus Ex will us tress fx.

That makes up any witcher 3 hair floatiness that I may miss.

I hope samsung does buy amd.

Why does amd even do these things?
Amd does does more and gets paid way less.

I will buy an r9 390x or r9 490x(2016)

Vulkan is mantel reborn.
Dx12 should be good.

Will nvidia ever support something as common sense as freesync?

dreamoner1188d ago

To support amd, first amd should support games. I'm tired of dealing with amd specific issues with games, next time nvidia for sure.

Ka7be1187d ago

Lol @your desagrees
Don't argue with Nvidia fanboys. they are the most hypocritical fanboys after Apple fanboys.

My first AMD card was the HD7870. Before i only used Nvidia, I always hear people saying how "bad" AMD/ATi drivers are. So i went and got me the HD7870 just to see if those ppl were right. Let me tell you, I have been using HD7850 for almost 2 years and never had a single prob with the drives.And when the R9 290 released. I sold my HD7850 and bought the R9 290, still using it. Also never had any drivers issues.

All i have to say is this
One company is getting a monopoly position on the market and most customers are cheering! Question is: how much more stupid our society can get than that?

Guwapo771188d ago

Also in each box it shows which GPUs were for sale by each manufacturer during that period.

I'm running 580s in SLi and trying to hold out for the AMD 390X. I think it's the ATi 9600pro of it's day. If it isn't... 980Ti will be my next purchase.

NecotheSergal1188d ago

Market share % simply?.... The title of it is at the top of the image.

They're saying that Q4 of 2014, 76% of PC owners had Nvidia cards.

Though, why an article is made relating to a chart/image based on the limit that it ends at Q4 2014 when it's April 2015 is beyond me.

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SouljAx3601188d ago

I would have thought it would be closer. My last two cards have been Nvidia cards because of Shadowplay and energy efficiency. But still thought it would be more 50/50. Maybe the 300 series will woo more people over to getting AMD cards.

Raider691188d ago

Frankly i think Nvidia is the one thats going to push things even furter,first the energy efficiency its a must that is going to evolve even further,driver support like no other...all this and what id yett o come on the rest of the year its going to bring even more people to Nvidia side,Amd its getting in real troble and its not the console support that will invert this fall tendency.

--bienio--1188d ago

Nvidia all the time:) screw Amd.

Stiffler1188d ago

I only upgraded to a 970 last month, but we seriously need competition. As good as it sounds that Nvidia is "crushing" the competition, I'd much prefer said competition to be closer.

Healthier competition usually means cheaper tech, not always but mostly. Having one unmatched king can have its cons imo.

edqe1188d ago

Interesting and good times for PC gaming. Upcoming R9 390X and NV with Pascal architecture will be a big step forward. Of course not only hardware but Vulkan and DX12 will push things to next level.

Hopefully GPU competition will stay strong in future as well. Good for customers.

Stiffler1188d ago

Definitely good for the consumer. I hope AMD sales improve in the future and that they continue to release good tech.

Skate-AK1188d ago

I plan on getting one when I build my gaming PC. Strickly for Physx. Just not sure what I could fit in with a 1k budget. Never built a computer before and don't really know what components are compatible with each other. If anyone feels like helping me out, feel free to send me a PM.

mattdillahunty1188d ago

I PM'd you about building a PC.

Destiny10801188d ago

the first thing you have to decide is do you want Wi-Fi and Bluetooth because its an extra 50 bucks on top of a normal motherboard

then there's the difference between core i5 and a core i7 is hyper threading worth an extra 100 bucks

graphics cards: Pascal will be out next year which will bring 2X the performance and will be fully dx12 compatible. of course there's the 390x

youll need 8 gigs of ram / gold rated power supply / case / ssd boot drive

and that's a z97 build

x99 build well there's gddr4 / sata express maybe thunderbolt I don't know much about x99 but I do now its more expensive

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