The Order 1886 Photo Mode Nudes Are Censored - Facebook Influencing Video Games?

Gamers need protecting from themselves as Sony or Ready At Dawn censor nudity in The Order 1886 Photo Mode. The video shows what happens when you try and take a photo of a nude or topless character. Is this Facebook's no nude policy influencing the content of a video game?

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inveni01008d ago

Not really. The sharing options on PS4 all point to basically anti-nude sites. Instead of censoring them only when shared online, they did the easy thing and censored them no matter what. It, in essence, protects people from having their accounts banned and then saying, "WHY WOULD SONY LET ME POST IT IF IT'S AGAINST THE RULES?!?" Which you know they would. (This also keeps little brother from seeing them when browsing big brother's game photos, I suppose.)

Sometimes companies err on the side of caution, since they know it's an err either way.

Yi-Long1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Can't we already just take a screenshot using the existing feature 'share-button' of the nudity on-screen, and share it!?

They shouldn't have done this kind of censorship in the photo-mode, but instead should have just included an option to 'censor' the 'naughty parts' in that editor, so basically includde a function where you can put 2 smilies over the nipples, or blur it out, or put a black bar over it, or whatever.

Personally, I find the whole notion of this kind of censorship of nudity on Social Media extremely PATHETIC, and it seems we can post and share footage of brutal gory fatalities in Mortal Kombat and exploding headshots in Sniper 3 on our timelines and 'little brother' would be perfectly OK with seeing that, but oh dear of he would see some nipples... (!)

It's just ridiculous.

Conzul1008d ago

Does VK censor?

Not sure but I'm going to find out.

inveni01008d ago

After checking out photo mode today, can anyone confirm this? Did someone just have the hide npcs option enabled and call it censorship?

Crazyglues1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Yeah this is really stupid -- you have it in the game, but now that there is a photo mode it's bad... So if it was so bad why is it in the game...

Stupid Video Game Logic... If it was bad, why did you add it to the game in the first place... How in the world is it bad now but was not bad before...

Funny how game companies think.. --This just should not have been in the game, it didn't need this.

Kane221008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

please don't make a big deal out of this. there isn't any need to take photos of exposed body parts in this game.

Bathyj1008d ago

Seems like RaD and Sony are doing that by themselves

bunt-custardly1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

You must be right it's not worth the effort or the ink being concerned about social media like Facebook (which has nothing to do with gaming btw) having an influence on video game content. The author got it wrong and is just a perv.

It's also the double standard we see all the time with violence is fine in our society but sexual activity is a no no.

Imagine in the next <insert game name here> if content was removed because of Facebook integration. That wouldn't be cause for concern.


FullmetalRoyale1008d ago

Why violence is so accepted, and sex is so shunned is beyond me. Have the people that are so controlling about it ever made love before? I don't mean getting laid, I'm talking about something real. But they'd rather us focus our attention on face punching. Because that'll curb their sexual frustration, won't it. I wonder if that's it?

rezzah1008d ago

At times some may feel the need to express their form of immaturity. The opposite is also true, to reveal the enjoyment in the lack of shying away from the details of what we are. Basically to look at it as art and not something humorous.

Spotie1008d ago

There isn't any need for most of the things in this world. There isn't any need for these images to be censored.

GMW1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

So we should only appreciate exploding heads but not breasts?😕

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poppinslops1008d ago

Facebook influencing games?
They bought Oculus Rift!

This photo stuff is just the tip of the Zuckerberg.

Dr_Angus1008d ago

I tip my hat to you good sir. Have a bubble.

Dlacy13g1008d ago

I love the jump to conclusions must be Facebook! Did they bother trying to read up on the Terms of service from Sony? Why I can't be naked in the playroom or show adult sexual content should ring a bell. In the later they pull your video and drop the hammer on you. This is Sony policy and protecting themselves nothing more.

Toiletsteak1008d ago

Oh no i can't take pictures of naked video girls in this game how else am i meant to fap :(

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