Star Wars: Battlefront Will Be First Video Game Ever To Support Dolby Atmos

Just when Battlefront couldn't get more interesting, another layer of the mystery has been peeled off to reveal that Battlefront will be the first game ever to support Dolby Atmos.

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core_51189d ago

awesome .. need it for PS4

hello121189d ago

The codec will only be available on the PC version of the game.

Do people ever read stuff before posting?

Iluvtrim1189d ago

Fanboys don't read man. They just assume and believe what they want. Haha

BallsEye1189d ago

Eventho I have two xbox ones, I'm more happy that it has split-screen for online and co op play (atleast that's what they said in twitter). Finally real console gaming is back! Can't wait to get few beers with buddies and kick butts online!

Khajiit861189d ago

What does that have to do with the article?

Dagexon1189d ago

Actually from what I saw on twitter it appeared as though the splitscreen feature is only for local play on the missions :(

UltraNova1188d ago

Well if that's true then I'm fine with that! We have more than enough online focused games coming so a little 'local' support cant hurt right?

plmkoh1189d ago

Pretty useless feature, people won't want to install 9 or 11 speakers or replace existing ones that are multi-driver Atmos compliant. Rather they lift existing DTS streams to the full 1.5mbps or better yet see DTS-HD Master tracks.

NuggetsOfGod1189d ago

3d sound card + regular 3.5mm headphones are better than people think!

Even the 3d audio razar software is great imo.

No need for a surround sound system. I barely watch tv! Internet or gtfo!

Baka-akaB1189d ago

and people said the same thng about the existing DTS and DTS-HD tech ...

GreenUp1189d ago

Stereo mode with quality open back headphones are very nice too. HD558's for instance, or Fidelio X2's.

Shinuz1189d ago

I've got a pair of HD598 that I plug in whenever I play my pc or ps4 late at nigh.

A couple of times i've heard things in games or music while wearing them that i'd never noticed on my 5.1 home theater setup.

GreenUp1189d ago

I find this completely legit. I like headphones for that exact thing. Especially in FPS games. Hearing footsteps, and gunshots are needed. Now, if it's a racing game, adventure game, ect. The surround sound is nice. Our Sennheiser's lack that bit of bottom end that I like and that's when my Stereo Integrity HT18 subwoofer comes out to play. Rumble rumble rumble. :)

StarLord_Who1189d ago

Yes, my private imaginary home cinema extravaganza will benefit from this...

...only joking, i just have a telly, with telly speakers.

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