Goat Simulator Review | Mouse N Joypad

by Johnny Walsh on April 18, 2015:
Every now and again a game appears that simply makes no sense at all, Goat Simulator could definitely be put into this category. Just look at what the whole premise is about and you will soon realise that you are, just a goat, wandering around pretty aimlessly on a mission to do whatever the hell you want on a map. When I first loaded up Goat Simulator and entered into its weird and wacky world, I stood there in my animal form looking for some kind of direction, which simply did not appear. You are given small hints on the side of the screen telling you what trick or movement you should perform next, but other than that you are left to your own devices, to wander this world filled with crazy areas, humans, cars and a scattering of balls for good measure, not that you can play Goat Football or anything. The game is simply a physics based playground for you to destroy objects, bounce high into the air and headbutt everything in sight, while racking up points and combos for doing so.

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