GTA V Review | Mouse N Joypad

Grand Theft Auto V is large game. Actually, large doesn’t really describe the immense size of this sandbox properly. It’s a game in which you can ride around in a bus, checking out the city at a normal pace all the while experiencing the wholly realistic arrival schedules and other people getting in on the same ride. You can spend your days at a local strip club, throwing dosh at the women working there while gasping at their performances from first person view. Perhaps you’d prefer to go out hunting? Scuba diving or parachuting? Hmmmm… maybe joining the underground car racing community sounds better, eh? Or if you’re really into criminal activities, robbing stores is always a good adrenaline rush. These are all completely viable ventures in this game, and they don’t even underline the core gameplay and what it’s all about. See, GTA V is not about its storyline, as good as it might be, nor is it a game that wants to tell you a story, no. Instead, it’s an experience in which immersion is most important, for better or worse, and where emergent storytelling has an unnervingly crucial function. You create your own stories here, and that’s what it’s all about.

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