The Godzilla Game is An Homage to the Monster Icon's Origins | Gamespot

Natsume Atari's upcoming Godzilla: The Game is less an action-oriented tie-in to the last year's Godzilla film and more an homage to the more than half a century-old show that spawned the kaiju phenomenon.

During a recent hands-on session with the game, my fears about the title's content were assuaged. When I saw an early build of the North American version this past February--the game has been out in Japan since late last year--I noted that things looked clunky; the monsters and buildings fell in choppy animations that made it look like the game was running slowly. The localized version was still in early stages, but based on the interactions between Godzilla and his opponents, I felt like I was watching a simple beat em up in the Godzilla skin.

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