Super Smash Bros 4 DLC: 5 more characters spaces founded in 3DS Files

shinyquagsire23 looked through the fighter table and found this.
5 additional characters after Mewtwo. This means that we have 2 other DLC characters that we currently do no not know about (If you include Roy and Ryu).

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Captain_Wormy1038d ago

Please bring Snake back that's all I want. Anyone else after Snake would just be icing on the cake.

DarXyde1038d ago


I'd love to see what alterations they might introduce.

PhoenixUp1033d ago

Solid Snake in SSB4's more cartoony art style would be a site to behold

Coachkeys1038d ago

If you put ryu and Roy together you'll see that really they're hinting at Ryo Suzuki.. lol wishful thinking x10. Ryu and Roy are great choices. Foaming at the mouth to see who else makes the cut.

Elit3Nick1038d ago

Interestingly Ubisoft said that they wouldn't mind having Rayman in the game

wonderfulmonkeyman1029d ago

They wouldn't mind.
But after how Ubisoft has treated Wii U owners, we just might.

I'd rather give a spot to Wonder Red or Bayonetta. Platinum has done more games the right way for the Wii U than Ubisoft has.

They've earned it, unlike Ubishaft.

Elit3Nick1029d ago

Not to defend Ubisoft but most multiplat devs have given up on the Wii U too, it's pretty much all exclusives now

pivotplease1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Is every character going to be a 5 dollar dlc or whatever? It feels kind of like a rip when you get the game and all of the modes and like 50 characters for $60. I guess it's fair if the character is one of your favourites. Personally would never pay for mewtwo or Lucas but maybe someone would.

wonderfulmonkeyman1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

You get all that content, including online play and stage sharing, and you think its a rip for characters to cost $5?
After all Sakurai puts himself through to fully balance and play test them, despite his severe pain issues due to RSI?
It doesn't feel like you appreciate the work put into this game....