Valkyria Chronicles PC port drops to $5 for weekend

SEGA's successful PC port Valkyria Chronicles has hit a new low since its November 2014 release. Normally a $20 purchase, GMG has launched a SEGA Games sale where it drops 75% and with a stacking 21% off coupon hits only $5.37 - the lowest price ever by about $2. Valk probably takes the cake as the best offer, but beyond that Binary Domain and Viking: Battle for Asgard are also cheapest ever and nearly every other game in the sale is at its lowest price.

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ArnoDorian1131d ago

no, im just laughing cus its cheap :P
besides i was just laughing it on it for fun
i did end up buying it tho :P

Articuno761131d ago

The one catch with sales - they'll always be a better cheaper one later. It's why I've stopped trying to nab games at "sale" prices and instead looked to buy the cheapest one I can find as and when I actually will play them.

After all, money saved on a game you don't play isn't really money saved at all.

poseiden211131d ago

You're point is somewhat true. But 75% off is generally the highest discount you see for games like this. Anything beyond 75% is generally for small indie titles. I would be surprised if VC ever dropped below this price.

But you are right, if you don't plan to play it right away then it's a waste.

Toon_Link1131d ago

How's the port? I have this on os3 and I am considering grabbing it if it looks better.

Articuno761131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Excellent by all accounts (speaking from experience as well). Well optimised with super speedy load times. I've also heard that the keyboard and mouse controls (not that I use them) are actually pretty good as well.

Honestly it doesn't look much better than the PS3 version. A bit sharper/less jaggy perhaps. But that's because the art style carried that game (and there was very little technical compromise to begin with). The difference is really in motion as you get the 60fps option here.

ThunderPulse1131d ago

Great game on PC and there are a few mods that make it even better.

Two-Face1131d ago

I will be picking up this definitive version.

GreenManGaming is the real deal. Picked up GTA V for 24% off two days ago.

gerol1131d ago

I'll just wait for the PS4 Remastered :)
hopefully they have plans

One-Shot1131d ago

Hope you take disappointment well.

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