15 Images - Rise of Mana Brings Classic RPG Series to Vita

New screenshots and artwork for Square Enix's next Vita RPG (also appearing on mobile devices), due out in Japan this spring.

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knifefight854d ago

Children of Mana on DS was good.
Dawn of Mana on PS2 was not.

I am cautiously optimistic.

ftwrthtx854d ago

Interesting. The Vita could use more RPG's.

slinky123456854d ago

Always happy with more RPG's. Just wish it was made more for the Vita.

hkgamer854d ago

not sure if this is a good game, but i do hope that vita will get more high profile mobile ports.

the new ff on mobile looks interesting but doesnt seem like it will get a vita port.

Orpheo853d ago

Which FF game on mobile?

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