Resistance 2 Exclusive "MyResistance" Service And More

WhatIfGaming exclusive Resistance 2 Coverage with Ted Price. A lot of details inside.

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Arsenal4Ever3775d ago

Another game Jack Tretton needs to say that cannot be made on competitiors consoles.

So thats

Resistance 2
Motorstorm 2
Gran Turismo
Killzone 2

I thought the PS3 has no games?

Oh yeah I forgot this is 2008 not 2006.

Insomniac are such great devs I love em'.

If you love Insomniac hit the agree button.

FPS nut3775d ago

I would say somthing bad to you but I would get kicked to ---> that zone... <--- shakes head in frustration

FPS nut3775d ago

They better up the graphics a bit before I get my copy, ohhhh I want to kill that big city smasher.