Fave Five: Potential Guest Fighters for Mortal Kombat X

Here we take a look at five potential characters that would fit into the Mortal Kombat arena well. We get to look at some of their skills, backstory on them, and potential MK Rivals.

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Hoffmann1188d ago

My favourite guest character in Mortal Kombat would be Jean Claude Van Damme...including a Bloodsport stage as well.

The7Reaper1188d ago

Johnny Cage is a easter egg I guess you could say of Jean Claude Van Damme look it up

DarthJay1188d ago

Frank Dux! Bloodsport is such an awesome movie

Jordanx881187d ago

I think it'd be really cool to have A SuperHero Tv pack with the Arrow, Flash, Daredevil. Young Catwomen Young Bruce wayne. But I think that's impossible because licensing

TysonJones1187d ago

Even more than that though, I think a whole pack is a bit much, since this isn't a Comic Book fighting game. Even when MK had Scorpion appear in Injustice, he was the only one, and so I do think that would be the case if a character were to make an appearance in the game. Young Wayne and Selina wouldn't fit though, because they're way outclassed and aren't really fighters, and Daredevil belongs to Marvel. Flash isn't really a killer, so that would leave the only believable option as Arrow since he's willing to kill, but I don't think he's over-the-top or gory enough for MK.

KryptoniteTail1188d ago

Guests? Frieza would fit really well although canonically he'd be way too strong to be taken seriously. Bison from Street Fighter, anybody from Killer Instinct, Ganondorf, Sephiroth, and Mewtwo (bit of a stretch here but he's brutal in the first film and all games, literally murdering people relatively graphically for a kids series and it would be cool to surprise people).

Clown_Syndr0me1188d ago

The woman from Kill Bill would be cool!

axerated1187d ago

Good point, get the bride in there!

TysonJones1187d ago

Ya know, it's funny. I hear about how good that movie was all the time, but I've never actually seen it. Though I would question if she's capable of hanging with demons and hellspawn. She's good, but from what I gather, I don't quite think she's a good fit for MK.

Clown_Syndr0me1187d ago

She would kick the crap outa them ;)

Kingscorpion19811187d ago

Spawn anyone? A perfect character

deadpoolio3161187d ago

Perfect only in that its better than the crap other people keep bringing up, the SF characters, DragonBall Z characters, the kill bill broad that nobody has cared about since 2005, Mewtwo.....Thank god they don't actually listen to or use peoples ideas, cause there is a whole lotta terrible floating around that makes Spawn sound amazing in comparison even though Spawn hasn't been relevant since 1999

TysonJones1187d ago

I was thinking about including Spawn, but Heihachi got his place on the list. I like and played as both in Soul Calibur 2 and I just thought it'd be a bit shoddy using two characters that guested in SC, but I wouldn't be against having Spawn included at all.