Crytek Has A New Demo For E3 - "Will Be Really Good", "People Will Like It"

It appears that Crytek will have something to show to the public during this year’s E3.

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john21188d ago

Crytek sold HomeFront 2 to Deep Silver, so it's definitely not it

Activemessiah1188d ago

Whatever it is, It's bound to violate my graphics card :(

Gwiz1188d ago

Yes,NASA is going to complain as well

NuggetsOfGod1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

But can it run a fully next gen crytek game?

Crytek really should make an open world dragon flying rpg.

Show something other than a shooter.

WESKER20151188d ago

please dont be a pew pew shooter, please dont be a pew pew shooter

Stiffler1188d ago

Lol someone tell me they didn't see those negs coming for mentioning the infamous youtuber that starts with 'P'.

OT: I'm excited for the announcement. Love the majority of Crytek's past work. Hyped!!

KingWookiee1188d ago

We should be saying, please don't be a graphics demonstration, please don't be a graphics demonstration.

dillhole1188d ago

It's Crytek, what else can they do?

TheCommentator1188d ago

@ dillhole

Ryse 2 the occasion?

KingWookiee1188d ago

I feel as if I should of seen that Rise joke coming but I didn't :/ lol

starchild1188d ago

Meh, I enjoyed all four Crisis games.

UKmilitia1188d ago

can they make anything but??

i expect ryse 2 of somekind,multiplatform

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WellyUK1187d ago

If that pew pew shooter is Timesplitters then i'm down as that game is a gold mine that they aren't doing anything with...

MrSwankSinatra1188d ago

good as in "pretty graphics" but lacking in everything else, since that's pretty much what crytek does.

wakeNbake1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Ive always preferred their engine over Unreal and Frostbite but yeah their games blow.

dcj05241188d ago

Never played crysis or crysis warhead or crysis warhead.

Mikefizzled1188d ago

What about Crysis Warhead? Did you play that dcj?

abstractel1187d ago

Crytek gets more hate than they deserve. Far Cry 1 was great, Crysis 1 was great, Crysis 2 and 3 were both fun even if they weren't as good as 1. Homefront 2 was looking really interesting based on the interviews and gameplay footage they showed off (not talking about the trailer, but the actual gameplay).

Ryse was terrible, but a lot of launch games had that issue. It's tough to get a quality game out day and date with the launch of a new console. Unless you're Nintendo and release a console with 6 year old technology.

Stiffler1188d ago

This a thousand times! F2P is becoming way too over crowded just like the zombie genre has become...That and I'm so over seeing microtransactions (coin packs, argh).

Fingers crossed, I've loved Crytek's past work. They've made some beautiful gems.

abstractel1187d ago

This I agree with completely. But Amazon hasn't really shown that they are interested in going down that avenue yet with their new strategy.

Double Helix is still pluggin' away at KI, and maybe a new title who knows (I liked their current-gen Strider). I'm interested to see where Amazon is heading with their games acquisitions. Hopefully it will be in a positive direction.

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The story is too old to be commented.