IGN Killzone 2 Multiplayer Preview

A few months ago, when you said first-person shooter and PlayStation 3 in the same sentence, people started talking about Killzone 2. Then, Resistance 2 popped up on the radar and started flexing its multiplayer muscle as well as a sooner release date, and the buzz about Killzone 2 seemed to taper off.

Guerrilla Games is trying to change that this E3. IGN just got out of an hour-long presentation from the company's Senior Online Game Designer Eric Boltjes, and the stuff Killzone 2 has planned is pretty sick. More after the jump...

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BigBaehr3803d ago

KZ2 = COD4 Multiplayer Killer + '09 GOTY

daveman33803d ago

this game will be awesome

TheExecutive3803d ago

well COD4 was so great because of the leveling up and all the stuff you could unlock. It wasnt too hard to level up and doing so got you all kinds of cool stuff. It looks a little harder to level up in KZ2 and that may be a problem for many. We will see.

I would like to point out I am being a little critical but the MP looks frickin fantastic

Chris Bosh3803d ago

Those vehicles, look sweet.
Esspecially the flying one!!!

Wildarmsjecht3803d ago

OH CRAP!!!! The spawn points, the multi mission rounds, the different badge setup....this game is shaping up to really set a new standard in MP.

BigBaehr3803d ago

...and you get to gamble your valor points too. Sweet!

Wildarmsjecht3803d ago

OH I AM THERE. Point system where massive points show just who is the top of the top..I'll be gunning for that spot with my clan from MGO/COD/Resistance. After Socom, you'll see us there.

Overr8ed3803d ago

And people say this game is a Generic FPS.

CViper3803d ago

Sony's 09 lineup is already badass. Talk about planning ahead.

PirateThom3803d ago

Yeah, but they only get FFXIII as a multiplat.


3803d ago
PirateThom3803d ago

Sarcasm is a dead art form....

Bonsai12143803d ago

sarcasm doesn't translate over the internet well. most of us jokers learned that the hard way :-/

QuackPot3802d ago


you should have put the LOL after the FTW, then it would have been more obvious...

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hotshot1273803d ago

are there going to be more then those 5 multiplayer matches that they said? for example, 1 on 1?

is coop already confirmed and they just dont know if it will make it so it will have to come as dlc?

whoever answers first gets bubbles............

Ghoul3803d ago

"Guerrilla team said that they're investigating online co-op as a DLC possibility as well as the tanks I got to see yesterday."

its 5 game modes that are confirmed, and presented. lets see what we get in 09 ;)

wildcat3803d ago

"To begin with, let's verify that Killzone 2's going to support online matches for two to 32 players and, according to Boltjes, look as good as the single-player campaign."

Ghoul3803d ago

did i just read the most awesome multiplayer concept for a shooter in ages ??? guess so

i REALLY cant wait any longer for this game

Kleptic3803d ago

I'm going to go ahead and agree with you...I am actually a little happy that its focus seems to be more on foot fighting...with vehicle support, but unmanned...ala cod 4...that was one thing I really enjoy about CoD4...vehicles are great, but can really mess up a games pacing...and as long as the shooting itself is near perfect (great hit detection, great signaling that you are landing shots, etc.), that is my favorite way to have it...

I also like the idea of med-packs again...Return to Castle Wolfenstein did this perfectly...there are no med packs just laying around...a medic has to give them to you...and almost forces team-work, which the only way to get it across to some people...what is still unknown though is how the health system works...the single player appears to be the now standard auto-regenerate in take cover until the screen returns to normal and you are packs for multiplayer may just instantly heal you back to normal...or there could be a numerical 'old school' health system...either of which sounds cool to me...having the ability to be revived is also awesome, forcing the enemy to focus on your medics at times...

I don't know...all this stuff just makes it sound really awesome...every once in a while a game comes out with nearly everything in the right spot...cod 4 online is a blast...but I only really play TDM mostly...can't wait for this though...

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