A Complete Breakdown of the Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Reveals New Weapons, Races, Modes and More

Let's breakdown the Star Wars Battlefront trailer together and discover it's secrets.

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antikbaka1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

this is a game play trailer BEFORE optimization...don't get over hyped.

OB1Biker1043d ago

2.10 'yea this is actually gameplay running here...'

I feel like theres a confusion between 'ingame' and 'gameplay'
Trailer is obviously mostly cutscenes while 'ingame'

Falseca1042d ago

I made an account to reply to you on that. The gameplay shown is not cutscenes, however, is not actually gameplay either. What it is, is footage rendered by the game-engine. This means that, even though it's not actual gameplay, that is what the game will look like graphics-wise. Nevermind the extremely cinematic events, though. Those will not be a normal thing in the game. Let me also bring to light that this game will be made by Dice, so the frostbite 3 engine. However, unlike Battlefield Hardline, Battlefront will only have 40 players in a match, so there will be more bandwidth committed to destruction.

OB1Biker1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Thank you for information. I later on read an interview that was saying likewise
A bit Like for Uncharted 4 or the Order where 'cutscenes' are similarly rendered I think so the gameplay will look similar (possibly not looking that good : camera angle, close up) but I was trying to point out that the trailer is more like a movie clip