Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Impressive Features Trailer Subtitled in English

A little while ago Nintendo released an impressive features trailer of Xenoblade Chronicles X, showing off pretty much every aspect of the game, from combat to online gameplay.

Finally a YouTube user decided to subtitle it in English.

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WizzroSupreme1186d ago

That looks so cool. Day one purchase for me!

morganfell1186d ago

Day One purchase here too. We don't have a release date yet for the West other than 2015 TBD so is it possible we will get full English voice support? This is one of the games for which I purchased my Wii U. Getting it regardless but unlike Yakuza or some other Japanese title, this game for me is like FF in that I prefer the English V/O.

gameboy11186d ago

The dynamic weather looks amazing beyond belief i seen Northern Lights on a video for this game wow this game is beyond anything technically i mean mechs that transform wow,travel by land,sea,air,even travel to space i mean X is doing everything FinalFantasy wishes it could,pimp your dolls out make them unique,same with characters ect,32 players online link up,4 players co-op wowsers....

Pyro2000x1186d ago

Does anyone know if the New Star Wars Battle Front game from EA is coming to the Wii U this year?

themonado1186d ago

Come on, that should be fairly an unfortunate way.

So no

ZAF1186d ago

It won't, PC PS4 and Xone

Activemessiah1186d ago

Out of all the SW videos currently swarming in N4G, you ask that question on here? o_O

Summons751186d ago

EA hates Nintendo so unfortunately no.

BigDuo1186d ago

Why do people think this? EA doesn't hate Nintendo. EA doesn't hate any platform. EA simply doesn't want to risk supporting any platform that isn't viable to its business. This can be said of any third party publisher. It's a logical business decision. EA made the right decision to abandon the console early so it wouldn't lose money on games Wii U owners weren't' going to buy anyway.

Why do you think From Software didn't release Dark Souls 2 on Wii U ? Because From Software hates Nintendo? No. The developer said the reason is because the audience on Wii U is different from the audience that buys games on Xbox and PlayStation, and he's right. Remember, Nintendo makrets its consoles primarily at kids and families. Sony and Microsoft market their respective consoles generally at older gamers.

Why do you think Bayonetta 2 sold badly on Wii U? A game Nintendo itself published and marketed pretty well. It sold badly because Wii U didn't
have a big enough target audience for it. People that already owned a Wii U didn't care about wanting to play Bayonetta 2 and people that didn't own a Wii U weren't interested in buying a Wii U for Bayonetta 2. The hardware and software sales don't lie. I love my Wii U, but it's fate is a sad story. For what its worth, I don't have much faith in Xenoblade X selling well on it despite how awesome it looks.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

let's see
Bayonetta 2 sold over 600k on a 10m unit console while Bayonetta sold 1.8m combined on PS360 with a total unit at the same time around 80m.

Sad right Bayonetta 2 sold better.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a hit. N3DS, Smash Bros., Amiibo, Countless Japan Direct, Best Receptions on NicoNico, On Amazon best-selling list, Getting a Wii U bundle in Japan and lots of other promotions. Xenoblade Chronicles X will sell a lotof units. It will definitely reach 1m.

N4g_null1185d ago

@bigduo you are wrong about the audience being different. We are the guys who grew up on ghouls and ghost, bionic commando, contra, r type, strider, sf2, and it takes good game play and a challenge. Maybe those guys think their eye candy is what's selling their games?

Notice how all of the above are dead franchises now? They haven't been on nintendo consoles for like decades.

There is more going on than the games don't sell on nintendo platforms here. Lots of sabotage and just a defeated attitude towards over coming nintendo ip it would seem.

The ps4 and Xbox one are just as hard to program for... did you not see all of those broken games that have been released on the other platforms?

It is possible that they are trying to create a ps2 piggy back effect on the ps4. It's not going to work unless they can get nintendo fans to buy their stuff also. Lots of us got a ps3 near the end because games we like finally came out.

The idea that gamers only have one system is a real false reality. We are watching and waiting for those EAS and ubis to stop ducking gamers with empty hype. Then we also have pcs.

I'm actually fine with not having the majority of 3rd party games on the wiiu. Game wise we got some repayable gold. I'm not sold on blood born type games yet. They just seem so hollow.

If I had to say what could be different is that nintendo gamers tend to like games rather than stories. Which would make other gamers more casual. The trade in mentally also is cheapen the other platforms.

I'm thinking it's up to nintendo to regroup and start going after adult gamers more now. I'm hoping that is what nx is all about. Just like ms nintendo is gonna have to strong arm themselves a patch of adults themed action packed moody games.

Yet big you have to understand it is in EA like companies to force nintendo out of the market. Next would be sony then ms. EA did release a console at one point. This is where every big huge player wants to be... a platform holder.

This is quite dangerous to sony. Because if all 3rd parties left the ps4 would surely die. Just look at the vita...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1186d ago

you are not a wii u owner let alone want one. You bash it all the time. So why bother asking this question.

wonderfulmonkeyman1186d ago

Wouldn't matter even if it was, since Xenoblade will be taking up much more attention.

N4g_null1186d ago

What is sad is battlefront has no so mode yet xenoblade does. And we can fight in mechs!

gameboy11186d ago

When you look at everything Xenobladex is doing technically it blows my mind.....

ps.ps4 project cars has a rocky frame rate....

N4g_null1185d ago

Gameboy why don't you get a dev kit? You seem interested in the tech and you believe in it. It's not too late to learn state machines and juggling of multi threaded coding. Physical based shading is all the rage also. It's a good time to go indy. Well I'm sure you could just download unity3d 5 start playing with it. Then when you are ready hit us up. We can push you thur the indy process so you can be a real fan.

Things to look up and watch for nx tech... foled, hbm, hmc, and amd/Nvidia road maps. I know you have looked up sram bandwidth speeds now imagine sram at around 4 gigs.

Any way enjoy your tech. Keep learning. Don't argue with people that don't care. You maybe wrong some times but find your own answers.

Xenonblade really is going to be good see you all there. If you become a developer go to the general post board. All the good info will be talked about there. All nda up.

Wonderful1011186d ago

Nope, it's ok though, this game is going to be way better.

AWBrawler1186d ago

nope and i have zero interest in that game anyway. i'm sure i'll enjoy this so much more than battlefield star wars edition

jholden32491186d ago

My poor PS4 and Xbox One aren't gonna see any play at all this year lol...

marloc_x1186d ago Show
3-4-51186d ago

It's not, but luckily some of us also own a XB1 or PS4. or PC.

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deadfrag1186d ago

Every time i look to some random video of this game makes me want to play it right now ,now,now,and still no release date for the west ._._._.

gameboy11186d ago

Best foliage ie grass ect on any game....

BigDuo1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

@ OtakuDJK1NG

Where did you get those Bayonetta 2 sales data from? Is the source VGChartz? Cause if it is, that source is unofficial and generally considered to be unreliable. Platinum Games nor Nintenod have never commented on it either. That's usually not a good sign of a game selling well. Now, We don't know how well Xenoblade Chronicles 1 sold. Nintendo has never released its own sales data for it. All we know is that it took 6 months since the game's Japanese release to sell a mere 161k copies based on Japan's Media Create software sales data (half of those sales were from its launch week). Reggie, from Nintendo of America, briefly commented on the game's overseas sales stating that it "sold quite well." However, NOA only released Xenoblade with a limited marketed release.

Japan's home console market is still in bad shape. Wii U's install base is still below 2.3 million units and Wii U sales have not been performing all that well. It will be nice to see Xenoblade X to sell well , but it's hard to say if it will. Wii U hardware sales have been selling less than 10k units a month for a long time now. I think Xenoblade X will likely sell above 100k copies in North America, but Europe's sales will be far less and Japan cannot be completely relied on to make up the difference. They have other RPGs that are coming out this year on other platforms that interest them such as Bravely Second, Persona 5 and Fire Emblem 3DS sequel. Obviousl, Japan has been more supportive of 3DS than Wii U and PlayStation 4 as well.

For the record, Nintendo released console bundle for The Last Story on Wii for Japan and the game received a high review score from Famitsu and sales were decent during launch week (114k copies sold). The game came out at the end of January, but by the end of year, the game only ended up selling close to 160k copies total in Japan 11 months after its release. That's not very strong sales from a Japanese RPG in a country that loves RPGs.

deadfrag1185d ago

Bayonetta 2 sales are over 700k worldwide at the moment its a profitable game for Nintendo!

BigDuo1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I just noticed earlier today from a comment on NeoGAF made 3 days ago, that there's unofficial NPD sales data for Bayonetta 2 that put its US sales at 157k copies (apparently as much as 164k copies if only including first month reported digital US sales). I think Japanese Bayonetta 2 sales were around 50k copies just before October 2014, but I'm not sure how much it sold since then, or what Europe's sales are.

There was also some other unconfirmed NPD sales figures for Wii U games. According to it, Captain Toad has sold 326k copies in the US. Combine this with Japanese sales, and the game has sold fairly close to 500k copies. ZombiU sold over 200k copies, but that's after it had some major price cuts. Wonderful 101's sold 104k copies. In Japan, Wonderful 101 sold 12,088 copies in its first two weeks of release. That would put Wonderful 101's combined US and Japanese sales at around 116k copies. The game seems to have no Japanese sales data by its third week of release that I can find as it dropped out of the top 50 Japanese Media Create software chart.