Battlefield Hardline: What’s the Best Gun in the Game?

GearNuke writes: "I’ve been playing Battlefield Hardline extensively for the past few days using almost every gun in the game. Some guns are extremely good while others are almost useless, so for a new players it can take some time to find the better guns."

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UKmilitia1036d ago

the M416 and M16A3 are best for op class.

hevent spent much time with other classes tbh but i do get killed by the knockout 300 alot in opem maps so clearly many like it.

Elit3Nick1035d ago


Operator: M16A3/M416
Mechanic: K10
Enforcer: OSW (not OP, just the best gun in class)
Professional: .300 Knockout/IMO Scout Elite because of one shot headshots with 84RPM fire rate

matt1391035d ago

Agree except i prefer AWM over the Scout.

AutoCad1035d ago

ACW is by far the best gun,if Assault Rifles not your thing..Just use all the SMGs,they are too OP.

Elit3Nick1035d ago

Lol OP how? Because they actually beat ARs at close range for once?

SpitFireAce851035d ago

What does he mean Grind out the campaign for the .300
Knockout.Is that another way to get it ?

"If you like using Snipers with the Professional Class then grind out the campaign for the .300 Knockout"

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