3DS and PS4 Dominate Japan; Dark Souls II on PS4 Weakly Tops the Chart, Sells 550 Copies on Xbox One

Media Create released its full top 50 chart for the week between April 6th and April 12th, and it’s fairly interesting, as it reveals the performance of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin on PS4 and Xbox One in the Japanese market.

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cell9891098d ago

lol!!! I hope MS gets the message

RocketScienceLvlStuf1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

550 copies on xbone? Ouch. Thats a bit of an embarrassment for Microsoft to be honest.

dark-kyon1098d ago

Yeah,the tourist season is over in japan.

smellslikeralph1097d ago

Your comment is stupid Xbox has never done well in Japan period. Japan has always been PlayStation.

Its almost not even worth bring Xbox to japan

Gamer19821097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

I think S-E, Level 5,capcom, from software and a couple of other major japanese devs disagree with you. The reason why all three of those developers are making (or have made) ps4 exclusives is because of poor sales in Japan of the xbox one. These devs want to sell there game in there homeland. I mean whats the point of making a japanese version on xbox if its going to sell around 500 copies? I eman you can say sure it will sell decent in the rest of the world but thats a lot of lost worldwide sales plus lack of sales in a country where there own fans want there games. They are going to support there own fans first and foremost and to abandon Japan Ms would be hurting themselves even more and probably give a couple more Japanese exclusives to Sony.

To be fair though its all about risk reward right now with Microsoft as they cannot really afford to advertise in Japan as even with the tiniest advertising budget they will lose money as they aren't even selling a thousand consoles so they have to go for broke if they ever want to get big games like bloodbourne on their console in the future.

Hakoom1098d ago

pstv double the sales of XB1 :s lol

DialgaMarine1098d ago

Wooooow... I remember how so many people were predicting the XBone would sell better than PS4 in Japan after PS4's rocky start there. lol...

tinynuggins1097d ago

Nobody ever said that. Ever.

Eonjay1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Actually thats not true. People did say that. But in general Xbox fans and PlayStation fans with basic reasoning skills correctly predicted the real outcome.

For reference check out the old Xbox One Japanese pre order stories published here by Dual Shockers.

1097d ago
Vegamyster1097d ago

Really? Xbox has never done well in Japan, most people who claimed that were reminded of that :p

S2Killinit1098d ago

is that even worth it for the developer? but i guess as long as other regions are not the same situation.

StevenSeagul1098d ago

What I don't understand is why that Xbox One owner bought the game 550 times.

lodossrage1097d ago

ok, that was uncalled for.

I admit, that WAS funny. Still foul though

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