Guitar Hero: World Tour Hands-on

"To start with, there's a bit of interesting news for the peripherals that hasn't been put out before. We already knew about the slide and tapping features on the guitar, and the quality of the (regrettably wired) microphone, but a happy surprise for musicians was revealed last night. The drums are constructed in much the same way that an actual electronic drum kit is, including the ability for players to add a second bass pedal with the help of a Y splitter, and best of all - MIDI control."

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n00bFRAGGER3779d ago

Rock Band copy = I don't give a crap.

giantchicken3779d ago

Looks good, can't wait to be rocking out on my PS3 version.

homez993779d ago

I'm intrigued at being able to create my own songs, but the fact that you can't record lyrics is pretty disappointing.