Mortal Kombat X: What To Do If You’re Experiencing PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0

Mortal Kombat Error Code CE-34878-0 is ruining lives. Here's what you might be able to do to fix it.

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Randostar856d ago

I went into my system setting went through my saved user data. Deleted all the MKX files after i uninstalled the game. I rebooted my ps4 put in MKX let it install and its been working perfect since then.

WESKER2015856d ago

oh lord, i hope it gets sorted out

fanboysmackdown856d ago

Mine is freezing up constantly on the PS4, so annoying.

robtion856d ago

I'm still waiting them to charge for the patch that fixes the issue.

Only $30, seems pretty reasonable, a lot of work went into making that patch.

Kowsky856d ago

lol omg that would be horrible yet potentially wouldn't surprise me

krypt1983856d ago

yep psn then xbl lmao not this happened to my bloodborn digital purchase ancient architect ...