How To Start An Elder Scrolls Online Guild: Top 10 Tips

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Ten essential tips on how to start an Elder Scrolls Online guild.

The social aspects of MMORPG games is what sets them apart from standalone video games. True, in most online games you can still have a great first person experience, but it’s the opportunity to interact and game with like-minded players from around the world that truly makes MMORPGs shine.

The Elder Scrolls Online is no exception, and opportunities abound to game with others. There are temporary team ups (clearing dungeons, XP grinding, one-on-one trading, etc.), and the ability to join or form your own guilds.

Guilds are an exciting aspect of ESO, because they allow gamers to join a far larger group of players with like-minded goals. Guilds are like a special club that you get to join. Not only are they social, but guilds make it easier to work with others and have fun in the process."

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Syep 1: Set aside about 1000 hrs of your life.