Opinion – The Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition Is Weak Force

GI:"As you might expect from the Star Wars Battlefront blowout coverage today, the game is up for pre-order right now. I came across something interesting today courtesy of a friend: EA is offering a “deluxe” digital edition of its upcoming multiplayer title."

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REDGUM1188d ago

Sounds a little shifty to me. I don't think anything that you pay extra for should be unlockable in the game.

It's not really a collectable item of sorts if everyone can unlock it through normal game play.

Give me a storm trooper helmet instead like the killzone one, I'd pay for that. hence a collectable item.

Just an opinion.

CorndogBurglar1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I agree to an extent. I never pay extra for content that can be unlocked in the game. It takes away from part of the fun, which is earning your weapons and gear.

But if people want to spend money on things like this, that is up to them. I'm not mad that things like this exist, although admittedly, this should be DLC content like in most games. It shouldn't be the "Deluxe Edition". That just seems like a waste.

joab7771188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

It's crazy. And so many ppl will get it b/c they are so excited and it's only $10 more.

So far, I will probably get this b/c I'll admot, it isn't often that we get a new Battlefront game a moth ahead of a new Star Wars movie. Bit I'm good without the Hans Solo bkaster.

It will be interesting to see how 1st and 3rd person work together in a competitive multiplayer game....if there's any advantages to either. Also can't wait to see the similarities to Battlefield.
And you can bet anything that the trilogy is being used b/c this is gonna be at least 3 titles to correspond to the movies.

EA has a good mine on their hands. At least it is DICE, though when something this rare occurs, expect every damn dollar to be queezed out of us...opportunities like this are MEGA rare.

Perjoss1188d ago

These deluxe editions, all they serve to do is make people that went for the standard edition feel like they do not have a complete game.

Everyones game should be identical right down to the last tiny blinking light on some random piece of kit. Make a collectors edition that comes with COOL physical stuff like a quality art book or a mini statue of an ATST or ATAT.

Or even better yet just give us a standard game and then set up a great merchandise store with all the physical extras sold online. I hate this culture of splitting games into chunks for whatever reason, add to that the fact that the servers will not be online forever and you can see that the larger companies operate in the dark side of gaming.

T2X1187d ago

I Know! I was looking at the "Super Rare" Star wars PS4 edition and there is literally no difference except for a fancy Star wars themed box. wow. I wondered why didn't they at least post a sticker of a storm-trooper or something on the PS4? I mean they get more ridiculous with this crap each year. I actually enjoy a good collector's edition with a statuette or something at least I can place on my entertainment center.

CorndogBurglar1187d ago

I think its too early to take any of this as gospel.

Give it time. They might add more to this or offer other editions that would be more worthwhile.