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Grand Theft Auto 5 is a masterpiece of a game, and the PC version is the best way to experience it. Its sprawling yet meticulously detailed map is the high bar to which all other open-world games aspire, and it’s incredibly dense with excellent content. With so much to do, explore, and play with, both in single-player and multiplayer, plus great creative tools, it’s truly amazing on multiple levels.

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Fireseed1131d ago

Can't wait to max this puppy out! Really hoping that in a few years time we'll have an Oculus Rift mod for the game too :)

Fireseed1131d ago

I'm one happy man right now. Thank you.

mikeslemonade1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

It's rediculous how meta reviewers have gotten this wrong. Really.. a 97 so far on meta.

Just another example on how meta SOMETIMES messes up ratings. So we are rewarding Rockstar with a 97 for taking almost 2 years to port the game to PC and then charge us $60 MSRP. Just a little touch up of graphics and adding a few features.

I'm also not gonna talk about mods. You can't rate a game on mods that will come. What you can do is rate that the game does have a feature to allow mods.

Also PS4 and X1 version was the highest scoring game last year. Wow, how can you give a game a high 90s score for porting a game with enhancements. People got poor logic in game reviewing I swear.

I like metacritic but they got it wrong again here.

Magicite1131d ago

AMD cards still have stuttering.

3-4-51130d ago

Just downloading this now.

Had it for Xbox 360.

* Time to start wars with Cruising Biker Crews.

Erik73571131d ago

Meh....I felt like they could of touched it up more from the ps4 version....there's really no difference other than anti-aliasing and draw distance.

Nwah1131d ago

And 60fps or higher, 4k if your computer can handle it, custom radio songs and soon there will be mods to top it all off.

Erik73571130d ago

Sprry, 60fps is a standard last time I checked for PC gaming...if that's your reason to justify it then that's pretty sad. Oh wow 4k gaming, like I think 1/1,000,000 of PC gamers enjoy that feature?So really it makes no difference to me once it goes past 1080p...

Eiffel1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

DirectX 11 Tessellation
Improved textures
Higher resolution shadows
Extended distance scaling/shadows
Increased shader/reflection/water/grass/ post fx/particle/ambient occlusion quality
Larger NPC density/variety
Reflection MSAA
Soft shadows
Long shadows
x16 Anisotropic filtering
TXAA/MSSA AA options

It's like night and day.

A2X_1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Ease up on the big words buddy, is this what u're calling night & day?

I give it up to PC for running at 60fps, otherwise it ain't that different from the PS4 version. Now maybe a mod can make a real difference ;)

Eiffel1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Perhaps find a video of it on PC, not hosted on a site that compresses the hell out of quality. Youtube makes comparisons practically redundant. But yes, mods will only improve it even more.

For example.

Dario_DC1130d ago

The biggest difference comes in shadow casting and 60FPS if your rig can do those...
After seeing Totalbiscuit port report I'm sure 90% or even more can't max this game out! He has a beast of a rig and he was having issues doing so...
BTW here's a awesome technical analysis:

TheColbertinator1131d ago

Haven't seen this in 4k yet. Anyway not my type of game but the production values are top notch

demonddel1131d ago

Game of the year 3yrs in a row

deadpoolio3161131d ago

How would that be, its only been out a year and a half AND it didn't actually win any real GOTY awards in the first place....

Dabigkahuna5041131d ago

GTAV was released in 9/13,11/14,and again this month making it 3yrs not technically 3yrs but 3 different years

stanr1130d ago

Excellent review, GTA V for the PC is truly one of the best games of the year so far. It is a true accomplishment for the gaming world and I can't wait to play the mods that others make. This game is all any PC gamer would need for a long time.