Ryu in Smash Bros? Nintendo Hardware Sales Soar, Unity on New 3DS – WiR 4/18/15

Is Ryu really going to be in Smash Bros? Is Nintendo hardware really selling better than last year? Shawn Long tackles these questions and much more in this latest episode.

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DialgaMarine1066d ago

3DS is up YoY, but it's been doing decently, regardless, ever since it's first major price cut. In Wii-U's case, it might be up, but it's still doing abysmal. The system already has it's Smash Bros, MK, and 3D Mario, on top of several other games, but it still isn't even beating the Vita on a weekly basis. To add insult to injury, Vita has almost literally received nothing but indie titles in the last year. The Wii-U is not looking good, no matter how you try to swing it.

gamingpro1066d ago

when it comes to games and actual gaming, Wii U is the best console out.
I can't take anyone serious who makes their opinion of a "GAMING" console based on sales.

Gamers don't play sales, we play games.

iamnsuperman1066d ago

"when it comes to games and actual gaming, Wii U is the best console out."

Is it though? I mean sure if you like what Nintendo has historically offered you will enjoy a Wii U but it still misses out on some of the largest and important games ever released. Objectively speaking, "when it comes to games and actual gaming" the Wii U isn't really a great console as you still need a PC, PS4 or One to play the vast majority of big and important games of this generation.

ChronoJoe1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Right, so let's consider my perspective for a moment. The genre I enjoy most is fighting.

Now, are you trying to tell me the Wii U is the 'best' console out for me? The only fighting game on the platform is Smash Bros and a bad iteration of Tekken Tag. Meanwhile, it's missing the world's most popular fighting games such as MKX, USFIV and Guilty Gear.

That's just one perspective. Now let's say, my favourite genre of games is open world games. Oh great, I can play Lego City and a bad iteration of Watch Dogs. Other consoles offer GTAV, Watchdogs, Infamous, Sunset Overdrive, Far Cry 4, etc etc.

You could do this same thing for most other genres, sports, shooters, strategy games, adventure games, rpgs... the only genre the Wii U comes out on top for is platformers. That's great for a certain audience, but it's easy to see why most consumers aren't all that enthralled by the platform.

Nodoze1066d ago

If Nintendo would have released the WiiHD 4 years ago it would have been a great seller. Instead they waited being the frugal company they are. They figured they could get away with lower spec hardware again like they did with the Wii.

It is unfortunate, as the games they have released on WiiU are great. It is a shame not many will be able to experience them.

Let's see if Nintendo has learned anything from this.

fatneal1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

the hardware isnt really the problem because ps3 and 360 are still getting a lot of support and when you compare graphics its not much difference between all consoles...the issue is the little things like nintendo making sure their console is safe for children and ignoring what the american consumer expects from a gaming console in 2015....also they had a piss poor marketing/advertising plan that naming it the wiiU didnt help

kakashi811066d ago

Had Nintendo put a better GPU\CPU it would have been able to make sure sales. I love my Wii U but it would have been great to see them in a league of their own as far as graphics are.

higgins781066d ago

Sales, sales, sales. Yes, this article is concerning sales, but can anybody but myself see past numbers sold? It's near enough telling me the best books, tv and movies of 2014 were those which had the largest audience. Yes, sales count for something, but I suggest it's not quality, innovation and craft, but trends. Games (for example) such as COD continue to sell in huge volumes, but surely the best and arguably only great COD is still COD4:MW. Like I suggest, trends, NOT quality. Okami anybody?

Dunban671066d ago

Poor sales = shorter effective life- for the Wii u the 1st year of its life can hardly even count re 1st party due to the lack of software for the system- the latter part of the lifespan will probably be pretty weak or it will just cut off suddenly

Basically we will get less content re 1st and 3rd party due to poor sales (there are other reasons that effect 3rd party stuff but sales is 1 of them)