'Splatoon' has huge potential, could it be Wii U's big release for 2015?

The revolutionary next-generation shooter fans have been waiting for will soon be here, but it won’t be on a Sony or Microsoft platform. Set for release on May 29, the shooter genre is going to get a blast of brilliance and color as the ink-spiring Splatoon arrives exclusively for Wii U. We have an inkling that Splatoon may be the next big thing for the Wii U and Nintendo.

Could this be the Wii U’s big release of 2015?

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masterfox1216d ago

but it won’t be on a Sony or Microsoft platform ?!?!

NOOOOOOO somebody please think of the children!!!!!!oh... wait..

Eonjay1216d ago

Wow that is incredibly mean.
But it is still a little funny.

dafegamer1216d ago

it will still be better than the majority of the games released this year

DigitalRaptor1216d ago

It's priced low enough to support a strong adoption rate, but it depends on how Nintendo markets it. I still believe that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be the biggest and best Wii U game of 2015, but will probably not sell half as much as Splatoon could.

vishmarx1216d ago

this, splatoon is a more nintendo-y game than xeno is.
xeno could be goty(not saying it will)and it still wont sell as much.
although it not being a full $60 game is gonna hurt sales.
itll end up being a bit expensive for the $30 price range and a little low on content for a $60 game.
also doesnt it have ALOT of content locked behind amiibo's?

Reeze1216d ago

Splatoon is a $60 game...

jholden32491216d ago

Wrong on all counts.

Splatoon has more than enough content as a $60 game. Single player campaign and all.

And the only content you get from Amiibos is additional content above and beyond the developed game, mostly just outfits and such.

deadpoolio3161216d ago

Yeah um not a chance that Xenoblade sells anywhere near the numbers of actual Nintendo franchises, it will be lucky to sell 2 million over its lifetime...Just because a grouping of people love a game doesn't mean its universally and on the same levels as other mega selling franchises

wonderfulmonkeyman1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

With the pedigree established for it by the first game, the confirmation of healthy online multiplayer elements and keyboard compatibility for messaging (which makes it feel a bit like an MMO), and tons of replay value and media coverage online?
Dude, I sincerely think you're underestimating just how much people are looking forward to Xeno X, or even waiting specifically for it to get a Wii U.
It's not as niche as you think it is, and its sales potential is higher than you're giving it credit for.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1216d ago

the current popularity of franchise beg to differ

pitfighter1216d ago

Splatoon looks to be a lot of fun but the art direction is so childish that most people wont give it the time of day. Its sad that this is the Fps ip Nintendo has up its sleeve right now.

I have a wii u, and the biggest let down (aside from the lack of 3rd party games) is that none of my friends want to play it when they come to visit.

I love Nintendo, but am I am ready to give the wii u up.

DragoonsScaleLegends1216d ago

Never Give UP!!!!! The Virtual Console will help you through these hard times in Nintendo Land.

themonado1216d ago

Why do people keep calling it an FPS? It's kinda getting a little annoying now..

Just saying.

wakeNbake1216d ago

Yeah I was so gonna get a WiiU but the announcement of the NX and the Zelda "delay" turned me off completely.

gameboy11216d ago

Nintendo has Devils Third for it's exclusive FPS and it has more online options and game modes then any FPS before it...

jholden32491216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

"Childish" art style? When you grow up, you stop caring about whether art styles look "childish" and just enjoy the game for how fun it is, not how mature it looks to your friends. Speaking of friends, they're a bunch of ignos if they can't see fun 2 feet in front of their face, probably because they're kids and also worried someone might think less of them for playing a game that doesn't have blood, sex and violence.

Which is why the Wii U isnt popular, because that's all kids care about- image. They don't care about fun, they are about fun that makes them look cool. If you can't have fun with Mario Kart 8, Smash Brothers 4, Pikmin 3 or Super Mario 3D World when your friends are around, I'd get new friends.

There's no 3rd party games, true, but there is dozens of first party games, so it's give and take. To me, I'd rather play the exclusives on Wii U and 3DS than the commercialized cookie cutter garbage (with some exceptions of course) that plagues the other consoles. And the proof is in the pudding- the last 7 PS4 and X1 games I bought haven't even been unwrapped.

Play games and have fun. Friends too immature to just have fun? Screw it, play without them. Lots of great single player games on Wii U- DKC Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Zelda Windwaker, Captain Toad and Wonderful 101 (Pikmin 3 and 3D World also some of the best single player games on the system) just to give you a few recommendations.

pitfighter1216d ago

You cant change the minds of gamers that don't have an interest in cartoonish like games, good or bad. These type of gamers know what they want and believe me Nintendo wants these gamers to buy a Nintendo system.

Splatoon will not turn any heads and I wont buy it because although the game aims to bring people together I will be stuck playing the solo campaign on my wii u while the rest of my friends are playing multiplayer together on thier ps3 ps4 xbox one and 360.

I want a shared expirience!

bass4g1215d ago

@pitfighter unfortunately the multiplayer is mainly online. The local multi is severely limited in comparison, from what we've seen of it anyway. "playing with friends" has never really been an option unless they own wiius sadly. :( No reason to not get the game though, online and sp look awesome.

mamotte1215d ago

Childish art direction... I wonder what do people expect these days, really. We have a fun fast action paced game about shooting color painting, yet they want the game to be "mature". What do you want? Anime characters so it can be another derivative anime shooter game, probably based in an anime? Or doy you want to be more american? To put a COD or Halo generic soldier model, so you can change the color, put a "f*ck you" sticker with a skull and call it a day? Oh, and we can change the ink color to grey, brown and grey, who knows? Maybe even black. And call it innovation. I dont know, maybe this year's COD will have a new "paintball mode" for multiplayer.

N4g_null1215d ago

Im sure they will like devil thrid then. Also if bop3 comes then you can player two players because you both get your own screen.

it siunds like your friends suck, plus you would need another wiiu I believe.

Im interested in testing out the paint jumping aspect to it and if any other cool things come out of this mechanic.

I would love a level editor for this game.

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InTheLab1216d ago

This is one of those games where I look at it and do not get it. I don't see the appeal. I certainly don't see what's revolutionary about it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1216d ago

Since when does it have to be revolutionary to be worth getting....
Well, w/e, I'll just put this out there for your consideration, instead.

When's the last time you ca recall a single-console-exclusive JRPG, with keyboard compatibility for chat functions, that not only supported 4 player online co-op but also allowed 32-player simultaneous asynchronous multiplayer for big group quests, on top of mixed and deep squad tactics depending on whether they're using a mech or not?

Far as I'm aware, there hasn't been one in the last decade, if ever.

InTheLab1216d ago

Right there in the header it says revolutionary and as far as I can tell, it's anything but. Different does not mean revolutionary.

As for the game you've described....not sure where you're going with that.

Etseix1216d ago

Different does not mean revolutionary ^^^

That, give this man .. disagrees??? What the hell?? Silly people confusing words.
Oh well, @InTheLab is completely right about it.

Because the game may be different, doesn't mean that it will be the next new bomb, just deal with it people.

vishmarx1216d ago

shush....dont say it out loud

wonderfulmonkeyman1216d ago

Ah, my bad. I was referring to Xenoblade X with my comment but I think i got it mixed up with a reply to someone else.^^;;
As for Splatoon being revolutionary, I suppose you could view it that way if you viewed its type of gameplay as the natural "next step" to the kind of objective-based matches that Domination in CoD revolves around.
It's also the first online shooter in recent memory, that revolves around using the trail left by your own ammo as both a method of speedier and stealthier travel, and as the method of replenishing ammunition.

There really isn't any other online multiplayer shooter using such a concept. It's new and fresh and shows that there's still room in the shooter genre for exciting growth through such ideas.

InTheLab1215d ago

Yeah I can appreciate the game for that and more importantly, Nintendo's willingness to produce a new IP and jump into the competitive space outside of Smash and Kart.

While it's not for me, I can't bag on N for doing exactly what most older Nintendo gamers want which is to create new games.

mamotte1215d ago

Yeah, we can say that about 99% of games these days. Revolution is nowhere to be found.

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deadfrag1216d ago

Its inovative and fun something that lacks in multiplayer games this days!It hooks you up,great new concept for multiplayer!

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