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The Inner Circle Special - AOTS, Esram, DX12, Cloud & DX12 X1 game talk w_ Brad Wardell

The Inner Circle - A collection of Xbox One gamers who hunt down the latest and greatest, news, interviews & rumors on the xbox one platform.
The members of TIC strive to be the most original and unbias podcast online. Through well thought out opinions, facts and answers, we continue trying to cure fanboy's of fanboyism one at a time.

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Community1070d ago
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masterfox1070d ago

seriously just stop this nonsense with DX12 and the xbone trying to reach the PS4,

This just looks a pure beating to a death horse and hoping it reacts! lol

SonofGod1070d ago

It's just tech talk, how is that a bad thing?

NuggetsOfGod1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Brad is the one man on earth saying dx
12 will push xbox to new hieghts lol

Witcher devs say it won't even bring 1080p games.

Brad is not even making an Xbox game yet lol.

Cdpr knows xbox hardware more than brad most likely.

All this xbox hype from one guy is sad for xbox lol.

Dx12 + Vulkan + HBM = the future

Ms is only hyping dx12 for pc and yet xbox gamers are hyped?

Easy porting will be the biggest benefit for xbox.

It's an apu... who would get hyped for apu performance but console gamers.

R9 490x w/ 8gb or more HBM2 + dx12/Vulkan = something to talk about.

Xbox is small potatoes by 2016.

Lol apu hype

Kal0psia1070d ago


They never said that specifically, he simply stated as of now in how developers implement shading units to their 3d models Dx12 will NOT improve XOne's resolution, because you still need better hardware for more units obviously.

On top of that, CDProjekt did not work with Dx12 directly on The Witcher 3, where as Brad has had the most experience by far. So your comment makes NO sense. Also he is a PC developer. Stop being a lil' salty fangirl buddy. lol

DigitalRaptor1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

No-one actually said that here.

Brad has made hilarious comparative statements before, but this is just tech talk. The video description made me lol though.

Lenrulesdaworld1070d ago

well we try, to live up to our description check us out and see if we're on the right path.

hello121070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

I have not listened to the interview yet, been out all day, but i will in the next half hour listen to the interview.

Brad talks lot about dx12 more than most, but the reason for that is he is building a couple of dx12 strategy games at the moment for PC. AMD and his studio worked together.

Hes not a console dev hes a PC dev

You'll hear a lot more about dx12 from other devs when they have stuff to announce. Hes been asked dx12 questions by people on the internet and is open to discussing it.

Lenrulesdaworld1070d ago

he's working on a dx12 game for xbox one as well, star control.

Bigpappy1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

I listen to it. It was an interview about DX12 and its benefits along the possible use of the cloud. The only time PS4 was mention, is when they were trying to get his take on developers not using DX12 because it would not be compatible with PS4. To which he alluded that they are and have been working on different console API already.

Nothing controversial. But he did mention that there is at least one benefit the will help PC and not X1, that has not yet been revealed, but give and additional 20% gain. He said it is something that could and should have been implemented long before DX12.

Lennoxb631070d ago

I hear people keep saying that they're tired of hearing from Brad Wardell about DX12. Well, he's working with DX12. People are asking him questions about it. Saying he shouldn't talk about it is almost like saying a musician isn't allowed to talk about his/her next album.

uth111070d ago

Its not that he shouldn't talk. But he's practically the only one constantly praising dx12 to the high heavens.

The musician talking about albums analogy is apt. They will always talk glowingly of their next album. It's not until after the album is released for some time will they acknowledge problems with it.

bleedsoe9mm1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

i wonder if he's breaking an NDA talking about it, other dev have to have it , or maybe it applies to his game in such a substantially way he couldn't hold his tongue . it does seem like lately more devs are talking about it so maybe he just had it super early .

Lennoxb631070d ago

I don't think even Brad knows about all the features of DX12, as its still being made. But he does know some things he can't disclose with the public right now. His game uses lots of draw calls and that's something DX12 increases significantly. So I can see why he's excited for it.

1070d ago
XeyedGamer1070d ago

Dx12 does this, Dx12 does that...blah blah blah

poor_cus_of_games1070d ago

Dx12 talk is fine but sick of hearing from this brad fella. Clearly a ms shrill.

Kingdomcome2471070d ago

Is that like a shrimp/krill hybrid?

1070d ago
Lenrulesdaworld1070d ago

we almost had the dx12 team on the show but they went dark, the actual show discusses esram more than dx12. They just go hand and hand. Brad agreed to comeback on the show after gdc, this is just a return to talk about what he learned there. Guys just listen to the show before you judge it, as he speaks glowingly about vulcan as well and a game coming to xbox one.

OrangePowerz1070d ago

ESRAM and DX12 don't go that much hand in hand. The main purpose of DX12 is to reach a hardware ressource managment level on PC that is closer to consoles where you don't leave large chuncks of hardware ressources unused. The problem of ESRAM is it's small size. Since you have low level coding on consoles for optimization and efficient hardware usage there won't be really anything in DX12 that Turn 10, 343i or Remedy already programmed by themselves to navigate the challenges of the ESRAM better.

I like games from Stardock, but they are PC developers and have limited knowledge and experience with consoles. As a first time console developer he might be fascinating what DX12 let's him do on tge X1, but in the end that's stuff developers who focus on consoles already did before DX12 through low level coding.

GenuineGamer1070d ago


Xbox one was designed for dx12. The whole reason MS went with the eSRAM design instead of gddr5 was because of dx12 and tiled resources. So to say they don't go hand in hand seems silly.

OrangePowerz1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

According to who? MisterX? The ESRAM solution is out of the necessity to require the large chunck of RAM to work well with the CPU because of all the non-gamimg applications and GDDR5 doesn't work nicely with that. Also at the time it was designed GDDR5 was hugely expensive and wasn't available in large sizes. They went with what they knew from the 360 or was that one also designed for DX12 since it had EDRAM?

There isn't a secret plan of using ESRAM because it was designed for DX12 and it will make it a lot more powerful once DX12 comes out. At the time they would started designing it there wouldn't have been knowledge about what DX12 will actually do or how it will function.

TheCommentator1070d ago

@ orangepowers

If you listened to even the first 10 seconds of the podcast, you'd realize Phil Spencer endorses the interview. So if Brad says they go hand in hand then they do. Also, DX12 has been in development for 5 years. By Microsoft. It's kind of a given that they knew what DX12 was going to do when they built XB1.

You are right about one thing though; It will not make XB1 more powerful, it will make it more capable.

GenuineGamer1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )


You need to educate yourself a bit more mate. The stuff you are saying doesn't make sense. And the only one mentioning mrx here is you. This is factual stuff already shown off by MS. we not talking about the bs stacked die trash mrx talks about.

I suggest looking into dx12 and how tiled resources actually work.

Also you would see that 32mb is a good size for it. The only devs that said it was too small were not using it correctly.

DX12 will not make the console more powerful. It was already powerful enough. That power just needs to be used correctly and this is where dx12 and the new eSRAM api come into play.

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krypt19831070d ago

yea the head guy at dice and ea sad all there games will utilize dx12 by 2016, man u fanboys are going to be butthurt, you are bitching and moaning about a tech interview which has results bench marked wow ...

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