Face off: Are cinematic trailers worth getting excited about?

In Face Off, PC Gamer writers go head to head over an issue affecting PC gaming. Today, Tyler and Chris L. argue about whether cinematic game trailers, like we’ve seen recently for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Star Wars Battlefront, are worth getting excited about, or if they should be disregarded as pure marketing flash.

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Angels37851191d ago


they rarely look the same if not a bit worse in most cases...

Always wait for IN game footage...because IN ENGINE is VERY different

AudioEppa1191d ago


Unless developers speycifically say the game is going for a cinematic look (which I love) then I don't trust marketing trailers and E3 demo, I've been watching E3 since 2005 and i've been fooled too many times by my own hope that a game looks as good as first showing.

DragonbornZ1190d ago

Yes, but for certain things. I don't really get hype off of cgi or non-gameplay trailers anymore, but watching them does get me interested in the concept of the game and/or the story, and some possible new additions to the game.
Show me a cinematic trailer for the story of the new assassin's creed for example and I'll be like, ok so it's set here, these guys are the baddies, we may be using some of those gadgets, etc. Theyre good for speculation and biz

But still the gameplay will be represented in an actual gameplay trailer, so to judge the gameplay, combat, etc I'll wait for that to issue those judgements.

aPerson1190d ago

Personally, I never watch them anymore. I always wait for the gameplay trailers. Cinematic trailers are never indicative of the final product.

Minute Man 7211190d ago

This game should look close to the trailer. We will find out E3