Grand Theft Auto V Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

Hardcore Gamer: We have taken it upon ourselves to determine how the PC version holds up in comparison to its console counterpart.

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ValKilmer1163d ago

Honestly, not as big of difference as I expected.

ArturAraujo1163d ago

To be honest, I've only seen a difference in their size...

vishmarx1163d ago

not that significant a difference, the only reason i held onto my copy was for heists . thats done and now im done with the game.
maybe ill pick up the pc version 5yrs down the line when it has plenty of mods(hopefully)

Hydrolex1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Honestly guys, yes, 1080p PC vs PS4 is not a massive difference. BUT, 1440p and 4k reslution just DESTROY 1080p PC and PS4 version.... And you need strong hardware for that

I play on 1440p, the difference btw 1080p and 1440 is a lotttt, so obviously 4k is even better !

Meltic1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Are you blind mr ? What about the pc version have more grass, better draw distance, more traffic, more people, more diffrent people, better Lightning, better shadows and 60 fps. Cant get any better than PC...

SonyWarrior1162d ago

rockstar is currently making story dlc for gta5 on consols so it would be smart to hold on to the game unless you want to wait 1 year to play it on PC

pixelsword1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

No doubt that 4k is awesome Hydrolex...

...too bad that less than 1% of the gaming population can view it, and about the same percentage of games utilize 4k graphics.

BattleAxe1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

"Honestly, not as big of difference as I expected."

Well why would there be? They didn't crank up the Anti-Aliasing, and they didn't take advantage of higher resolutions that the PC offers. Not to mention that there is a Digital Foundry video out there, which shows GTA5 running on a GTX 980, with fps peaking at over 100 frames per second. The PS4 version only runs at 30 fps.

Bdub20001162d ago

Looks to be about the same difference between X1 and PS4.

pixelsword1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

@ Battle Ax:

of course, but that card won't be the standard card in a gaming computer, that's why they didn't do that; if you want to use the best of what a computer can do, that's fine; but it's absurd to use a high-end PC card and top of the line specs as the de-facto representation of what the average standard gaming PC can do and that's why it's not done in sensible PC-Console comparisons.

I'm not saying you are like this, but I think it's a little funny (and slightly sad) that there are still some PC gamers out there that act like every computer that plays games instantaneously has the highest-end specs available; if some guys think they're fooling people with screenshots of a game that's cranked-up on a weak graphics card but chugs at a sub-30fps when they do that, they're really not.

There is a difference between PC gaming and high-end PC gaming just like there's a difference between Console gaming and high-end PC gaming.

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Genuine-User1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

That's because GTAV on the PS4 is comparable to high-very high graphical settings on the PC at 1080p.
Confirmed by Digital Foundry and NXGamer.

If anyone is in doubt, watch this -

Genuine-User1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

The number of disagrees without a single argument can only mean one thing; irrational hostility.

KrystofKage11163d ago

30fps, 1080p vs 60fps(and higher), 4k...huge difference. Not including several other options.

Although most people can't reach those requirements. Hell, with the current stability problems, a lot of people have trouble running it at all.

blackmagic1163d ago

When I went to Digital Foundry, I read that high settings across the board, population and scaling sliders set at 50%, FXAA (worst AA option) and shadows set at 'softer' (lowest setting) gave the closest match to the settings on ps4. That's probably why you are getting disagrees.

p.s. even their lowest i3 4130/750ti build yielded better than 30fps at those settings.

freshslicepizza1162d ago

"That's because GTAV on the PS4 is comparable to high-very high graphical settings on the PC at 1080p."

and you call yourself genuine user? that comment is not very genuine. the ps4 is not comparable to high end gpu's.

now please show us the link from digital foundry that suggest it is.

Genuine-User1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

@ blackmagic & KysotofKage1

Although I agree that it's possible to go beyond 1080p and 30fps on a good gaming PC, I specifically mentioned what Rockstar had achieved at 1080p on the PS4.

The evidence is in the video -

Texture Quality - Very High
Grass Quality - Very High
Population Density - 50-70%
Draw Distance - 50-70%
Shadows - Mixture of High to Very High with a softer touch around the edges
Post Effects - High
Mirror Reflections - Ultra
Street and Car Reflections - Mixture of High to Very High
Water Reflection - Very High
Tessellation - High
Parallax Oculusion Mapping - High

I couldn't make any of this up even if I tried.


Your accusation is based on false representation. I never argued that a PS4 is equivalent to a high-end GPU.

freshslicepizza1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

"That's because GTAV on the PS4 is comparable to high-very high graphical settings on the PC at 1080p.
Confirmed by Digital Foundry"

twice now you have refused to show anything from digital foundry and to say comparable 30 frames to that of 60 frames is not.

freshslicepizza1162d ago

a mid-range gpu can perform just as well if not better if you only want 30 frames like the ps4 and xbox one. you also have many graphical tweaks available at your disposal on the pc.

what do people really expect from a $400 console? gta v looks good on the ps4, there is no denying that but lets not be disingenuous here thinking 30 frames to that of 60 frames is comparable and then conclude that because the ps4 uses some high and very high settings it's now equal ground to high end computers. you are not giving the full details and are only picking and choosing. you can crank the settings up too on mid-range computers, not high end, but it might not hit 60 frames but it will at 30.

Genuine-User1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

@ moldybread

What is wrong with you. This is the second time you have accused me for an argument I have not made.

I have not spoken about:
-High-end gaming PC

My argument is specifically based on what Rockstar has achieved on the PS4 at the resolution of 1080p.

ashcroft1162d ago

Until mods come out...then it'll be a night and day differrence...

Look at GTA IV with Icenhancer.

GTA V is also a last gen game cleaned up. Of course it's comparable to a high end PC.

GTA VI on the other hand will show you a massive difference. Same as witcher 3.

JasonKCK1162d ago

The disagrees are simply because it's not true.

pixelsword1162d ago

Genuine just posted a nigh-half-hour video that details exactly what he said, and you guys are saying how it's not true?

Where's your counter-video?

blackmagic1161d ago

Counter? To WHAT? genuine-user CLAIMED the ps4 runs high-very high graphical settings on the PC at 1080p and he CLAIMED it was COMFIRMED by Digital Foundry.

I pointed out that his claim WASN'T confirmed by Digital Foundry at all, in fact, Digital Foundry had something completely different to say on the matter, which I linked to:

"we target high settings across the board. This keeps DirectX 11 features like tessellation and high quality grass in play, while the population and scaling sliders are set to 50 per cent to minimize pop-in. All told, this falls closely in line with the PS4 and Xbox One set-ups, with FXAA engaged, and the 'softer' shadow option selected as a best match"

So now, after genuine-user has been caught in a blatant lie, he defaults to "nx gamer", a nameless youtube personality with less than 5,000 followers that just does a voice over on a random video playing in the background and pits it as "fact" to counter HIS OWN REFERENCE, Digital Foundry, who has done hundreds of these comparisons over the last decade and have established themselves as a high quality source of information.


No seriously, REALLY?!

Genuine-User1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

@ blackmagic

You cannot possibly be this obtuse. Digital Foundry is not an ‘objective authority’ on technical analysis, no one is. They have been wrong many a time.

Just so we are clear, I specifically mentioned Digital Foundry and NXGamer.

You should be careful in quoting DF because there’s always a mistake around the corner. Digital Foundry and almost every other technical analysis outlet confirmed the quality of grass to be of a higher level on PS4 in comparison to the X1. Therefore, for them to go and say we target high settings across the board to fall closely in line with the PS4 and Xbox One is a contradiction.

I have not been caught in some blatant lie lol, I have provided you with VIDEO evidence, what else do you want. You cannot disregard a person’s knowledge based on the amount of followers they have. I think it would intellectually dishonest of you to do so.
Since you believe that DF is an established high quality source of information (dare I say a White Knight), would you kindly answer some of these inconsistencies and bias attitude in some of their technical analysis?

Why do they assume that every current-gen console game uses FXAA by default?

Did you know they got Project Cars AA method wrong?
Did you know they were technically unable to analyse The Order 1886 MSAA?
Did you know DF claimed that the poor frame-rates for AC Unity (PS4) were due to the CPU, yet the last patch fixed most of the frame-drops.
Did you know they never mentioned god rays for the PS4 version of Far Cry 4 in their technical analysis?
Did you know they constantly whitewash the difference between native and sub native resolution in favour of the X1.

Those are just a few examples.

They have been caught with authoritative statements without proof. This is not how the world works, this not how objectivity works, I can't always take their word, just because they have a following, I need them to prove what they’re saying.

This is where NX Gamer edges DF. He does not sit on his high horse and make blanket statements where he expects his subjects to just gobble, he shows/pinpoints and qualify every statement he makes in the form of "hey, check these shadows in the corner"... Corroborative evidence in any objective or would-be objective statement is key.

A word of advice, don’t just follow something or someone without research.

freshslicepizza1161d ago

so now you want to distance yourself from df after opening your statements with this,

"Confirmed by Digital Foundry"

everyone here is confused as to what you're trying to prove. we all know the ps4 is a great piece of hardware for $400 and rockstar have done a great job porting over gta v. the game is limited to 1080p and 30 frames per second and comparing visuals is fine and dandy but a lower tiered pc can do that too. the pc is also able to provide more options in tweaking the settings as well. what options do the consoles do other than trying to keep the game running at a steady 30 frames?

at the end of the day the ps4 holds up very well visually to the pc but as far as performance goes the ps4 can dip to 24 frames. the xbox one also holds up quite well with the ps4 beating it out with higher grass foliage and lens flare effects.

blackmagic1161d ago

As moldybread pointed out, you led this all with, and I am quoting the exact words, "confirmed by Digital Foundry" to try and bolster your CLAIM which is a lie that you are desperately trying to back track on.

Heck, even in your back track you are over reaching if you watch your own video (which I did btw) . At around 17:15 nx gamer lists what >he< believes to be the closest settings to console which ironically enough doesn't match what you wrote.

Finally, yes Digital Foundry isn't perfect but they ARE the best and most consistent of the pack so if you are going to refute their findings then you need to prove it. The nx gamer video doesn't show anything, it is literally just a video of GTA with his voice over. There are no comparisons, side by side, etc. Nothing. Just his words which simply isn't anything near enough for me to even have a shimmer of a doubt that Digital Foundry is accurate in their assessment.

Ask yourself this, if Digital Foundry found that the ps4 was high-very high graphics settings but nx gamer said it was only high would you be arguing about who was right? I HIGHLY doubt it.

Genuine-User1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

@ moldybread

I stand by my initial statement. I was merely suggesting that we shouldn’t rely on a single source. What is it that you find confusing? I have been called a liar and dishonest, I’m trying to prove otherwise.

I wouldn’t call an Intel Core i3 and GTX 750TI low-end.

After patch 1.10, the PS4 version of GTAV is pretty much locked at 30. Uncapped frame-rate could be somewhere between 35-45fps.

@ blackmagic

Would you kindly quote the whole sentence? Why do you shamelessly disregard my initial statement where I unequivocally mentioned both DF and NXGamer, I stand by my initial statement, there’s no backtracking.

What I find ironic is that you have just proved me right. Take a look -

The PC graphical settings that replicate the console settings are set to:

Texture Quality - Very High
Grass Quality - Very High
Population Density - 50-70%
Draw Distance - 50-70%
Population Variety – 100%
Shadows - Mixture of High to Very High with a softer touch around the edges
Post FX – Very High
Anisotropic Filtering – X8
Ambient Occlusion - High
Mirror Reflections - Ultra
Street and Car Reflections - Mixture of High to Very High
Water Reflection - Very High
Tessellation - High
Parallax Oculusion Mapping - High

A question for you, how do think DF performs a detailed examination of the graphical settings of any game? They’re not as consistent as you are lead to believe.

I will back up what I have mentioned:

-Project Cars – “and its post-process anti-aliasing method (which falls close to the PC's higher FXAA settings”
This is incorrect, the Xbox One version uses MSAA, or more precisely AMD's EQAA (Enhanced Quality Anti Aliasing) with 8 fragments and 4 samples, which is equivalent to MSAA 4x on PC.

DF also apologized because they publish a technical analysis of a build not intended for technical analysis.

That’s just one example, I can go on.

You cannot possibly be serious. NXGamer’s technical analysis is the most in-depth analysis I have seen of its kind. Care to point me towards a DF article that compares current-gen GTAV to that of PC in such detail? If you think a 20+ minute video is not enough than I wonder how you can possibly side with DF when all they have literally said is this “we target high settings across the board. This keeps DirectX 11 features like tessellation and high quality grass in play, while the population and scaling sliders are set to 50 per cent to minimize pop-in. All told, this falls closely in line with the PS4 and Xbox One set-ups, with FXAA engaged, and the 'softer' shadow option selected as a best match”.

DF doesn't provide any video or image comparison to back up their claim -


freshslicepizza1161d ago


"I stand by my initial statement."

how is that possible when you don't provide your source for digital foundry?

"I was merely suggesting that we shouldn’t rely on a single source."

yet you are relying on a single source.

"What is it that you find confusing?"

hmm, maybe this opening statement that you want to stand by "Confirmed by Digital Foundry" and then say don't trust them.

whatever, doesn't matter. enjoy gta v on your ps4

blackmagic1161d ago

First you stated "GTAV on the PS4 is comparable to high-very high graphical settings on the PC at 1080p. ". That's not worded as an opinion, that is worded as a statement. Then you declare "Confirmed by Digital Foundry and NXGamer." That is a congruent statement. That means that both Digital Foundry AND nx gamer have converged on the same conclusion which they absolutely do not. If you had actually looked, you would have seen that Digital Foundry actually stated what I have previously posted which is contrary to your statement. It seems to me that you dropped Digital Foundry's name in there in an attempt to make your 'statement' more powerful. Furthermore, you continue to flagrantly state in the very next comment that anyone that disagrees with you is displaying "irrational hostility". Classy.

Here is a pic showing the differences between normal, high and very high textures on pc

Now here are a number of pics where you can clearly identify very high textures on PC and high textures on PS4.

I believe Digital Foundry is correct in its assessment, nx gamer needs to put some glasses on and you need to be able to prove your statements with reputable sources.

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PeaSFor1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

do it against a strict 399$ budget rig that MUST INCLUDE a case, cpu, graphic card, ram, psu, mobo, hdd, mouse/keyboard and OS.

Str8Chaos741163d ago

Such a tired argument, PC does a lot more than play games.

dcj05241163d ago

I tried doing a PowerPoint on PS4 didn't work out.

PeaSFor1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

"PC does a lot more than play games"

doesnt mean shit, you can build a 3000$ rig and just say "look at how it run versus the 300$ device", so you want to do a comparison? then do it right.

a device with a price tag versus an other unknown device with unknown budget isnt what i call a comparison, hey lets compare a honda civic versus a Veyron while where at it since price dont matter...


"I tried doing a PowerPoint on PS4 didn't work out."
and my pc isnt automatically recording the last 15minutes of gameplay, but so what?

Xristo1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

@PeaSFor ... you need to go look up Shadowplay if you think the PC does not record the last 15 minutes of gameplay.


- GPU accelerated H.264 video encoder
- Records up to the last 20 minutes of gameplay in Shadow Mode
- Records unlimited length video in Manual Mode
- Broadcasts to Twitch
- Records up to 4K resolution at 130 Mbps
- Minimal performance impact
- Full desktop capture (desktop GPUs only)

Psychotica1162d ago

Why, what does the price have to do with it? The point is to compare the game running between PC and PS4. If anything the game should be running on the most maxed out PC available.


I waited for the PC version. I am sure the PS4 version looks great for what it is, ie a console with a controller bundled in and perhaps even a free game for $399. Hell I payed over $500 for my gtx 780ti. And thats just the GPU. Not a fair comparison at all.

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3-4-51163d ago

PC version depends on your graphics card + future mods will increase the difference between the two.

It's always been a good looking game, even on Xbox 360 & PS3.

NuggetsOfGod1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Biggest benefit to pc gamers is mods and no dips to 24fps lol

Watch digital foundry lol consoles are to weak.

Also who the fack pays for multiplayer? It's 2015 and freedom is popular on pc.

Glad it sold over a million 1st day on pc!

That's $60M+ for rockstar.

Red dead 2 coming to pc no doubt.
I would wait for a decent version.

Can't wait for witcher 3 comparisons!

1162d ago
All_Consoles1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

The witcher, doom, call of duty, battlefield, baldurs gate, warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, age of empires, etc, and all those indies you play originated on pc. And gta originated on pc as well...

Dynasty20211162d ago

Lack of massive difference isn't a power issue.

It's an engine issue - the game was designed for consoles so only designed to go so far in terms of detail etc.

That's why games like Star Citizen, made for PC to destroy PCs, looks better than anything ever - they're not hindered by lower hardware.

These face-offs prove only one thing - Rockstar didn't make an engine specifically for PC.

All undoubtedly paid off to do so, to keep the console vs PC war going. "Hur hur hardly any difference, PS4 rules".

BAM! Marketing bull***t wins.

pyroxxx1162d ago

Star Citizen looks like shit though,.. probably very cpu intensive,.. but looks like low poly mess

kraenk121162d ago

It's clear you haven't seen the game in motion (in reality). The difference actually is pretty substancial.

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hello121163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

PC version doesn't look like that bad, my screenshots below.

Sites like this always make the PC version look bad.

I have almost everything maxed out included the advanced graphic options, the only thing not maxed out is MSAA 8x is the highest i can go i have my mine at 4x i can hit 8x but i would to lower something else.

hiredhelp1163d ago

Nice shots there buddy.
But some these shots in article had me stumped as ive been on simular parts as shown in shots my game never looked that washed out..

1162d ago
Tzuno1163d ago

The game is super optimized, the difference is small, Pc looks more clear but not by much.

aquamala1163d ago

don't forget PS4 version is only 30 fps

MRMagoo1231163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

So is the PC version if your PC cant run it at 60fps, I am mainly on PC to game but you cant just say PC is 60 fps when its not on every PC, some ppl might not even hit 20fps on a PC

FastRedPonyCar1163d ago

A poverty graphics card runs the game at the same settings as a PS4 only at 60fps.

MRMagoo1231163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


A poverty card ? A 750ti is a poverty card ? Wtf are you even talking about. Someone that is experiencing poverty wouldn't even have a pc let alone afford gta v in the first place. A poverty card would be a 910 not a 750ti. A 750ti is about half the price of a ps4 sometimes more add to that all the other junk you need.

Who ever gave you an agree is a kid that still lives at home with their parents to pay their bills for them.

Patrick_pk441162d ago

Personally, a 750ti is a poverty card, and won't provide a good performance at Ultra with the new games coming out.

JasonKCK1162d ago

"poverty graphics card" That made me choke on my blunt that was so funny.

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paddy951163d ago

I Have it on pc and it runs at 10 fps! Ps4 > pc.

Xristo1163d ago

If it only runs at 10 fps, you don't have a PC... you have a toaster.

higgins781163d ago

Toaster is trolling. Even on a above average 'gaming' PC, reaching 60fps and 1080p combined isn't a prerequisite. Having the funds of course secures you the optimum GTA experience - 60fps is a game changer, but at what cost?

specialguest1163d ago

Unfortunately he won't be playing GTA5 anymore. He stuck the disc in his toaster and got the red coil of death.

Khajiit861162d ago

What? You serious? I own both and you would be surprised by how much better my 970 handles games. Games are SO MUCH cheaper and look so much better than my PS4. I will spend like a total of $45-$60 for Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight and have them both on release day where if I were to get them for my PS4 it would cost me over $120.

Psychotica1162d ago

I am talking to @paddy95 about HIS PC. His PC is running at 10 fps.

duplissi1162d ago

lol, someone didnt read.