Masahiro Sakurai Making A Guess Appearance At Fire Emblem Festival

Director of Super Smash Bros - Masahiro Sakurai - is making a guest appearance at Fire Emblems 25th Anniversary Festival.

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RmanX1000974d ago

So clearly this is gonna be the Roy Returns Reveal. So I must ask, and I'm not trying to bring anyone's personal favorite down, a simple question, why is Roy so popular? What makes people want him so badly when, as far as I know, we in the States have never even gotten a FE with Roy in it, other than the DLC for FE:A if you count that. Where does this Roy love come from?

GoodGuyMarco974d ago

Roy is only really popular with nostalgic Melee fans. Just about every Fire Emblem fan I know of, and other FE fans on the net actually hate Roy.

Eiyuuou974d ago

Roy wasn't particularly a good unit in FE6...

Aloy-Boyfriend974d ago

Because he is one of the coolest on Meele. He was the one who popularized Fire Emblem in U.S in meelee.

He was my favorite over Marth because of the fire attacks, and because he was more like a passive fighter (Slow but powerful). I wish Sakurai could bring him back. That would make me really happy.

I played the Binding Blade, and it's true that Roy was a lame king, but I think Meele gave him a better chance. Now he is so much better in Awakening.

Kevlar009974d ago

Not surprised. Sakurai is why just about anyone outside of Japan learned Fire Emblem even existed in the first place. Maybe the Roy confirmation will happen.

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masso9112973d ago

I want Chrom, not.Roy, come on they already have the character model!...

Or Eliwood, he is cool

kirbyu973d ago

Exactly. They have the character model because he's in Robin's Final Smash. If he's made playable, what happens to Robin's FS?

masso9112971d ago

it stays the same? O.ó there´s no reason for it to be affected