Star Wars: Battlefront Dev Talks Graphics, Attention to Detail and Focusing on Quality over Quantity

There has been a lot of discussion about the ins and outs of Star Wars: Battlefront, especially on whether the graphics are representative of what we’ll actually see on the game, and on the presence or absence of certain features fans have come to expect.

Producer Jesper Nielsen had some interesting comments on the two issues.

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Abriael1064d ago

I know I was. We'll see how the game will hold up. Lack of single player campaign is a slight bummer (but SWBF has never been about that), so I'm very hopeful :D

iamnsuperman1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

I think the lack of a campaign is a minor issue compared to some of the other omissions. The developers talk about having a focus on detail "quality over quantity" but forego the details that made the previous game so iconic

I feel this is another case of style over function

Mainman1064d ago

This game is looking good to be honest.

It's not an FPS right? Please?
Not a fan of FPS games personally.

Abriael1064d ago

It's both first and third person. Vehicles seem to be in first person only tho.

Eiyuuou1064d ago

The lack of space battles is a bigger issue though. I might forgive them if they add it as free DLC (like that'll ever happen).

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NuggetsOfGod1064d ago

Now will frostbite engine run at 900p on ps4 for the 3rd time?

TheKingslayer1064d ago

G was right to say in the article that the concern or actual scrutiny should be given around the games release. Crazy thing is we're months away...Man this year is moving fast!

Maul_T_Pass1064d ago

In other words don't expect a huge variety in units, vehicles, or locations.

SpinalRemains1381064d ago

I'd prefer exclusive Jedi vs Sith modes, rather than reward system Jedi.

Anyone else agree or have input on this?

Minute Man 7211064d ago

For a game named Battlefront 20 vs 20 seems kinda small. Just show actual game play DICE and I should be sold

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