The Good and the Bad of GameStop's Retro Push

Polarizing opinions on this one. Here's the opinion of a veteran video gamer and collector via [email protected]

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Relientk771162d ago

Well I wish they had older games

Transporter471162d ago

I think gamestop is just going to have high prices for old games, yet it will give you like 5 dollars for your copies.

ThunderPulse1162d ago

Exactly what they do already lol

Dasteru1162d ago

Walk in with a copy of Chrono Trigger, dumb enough to accept the offer of $5. Walk in the next day, Chrono trigger sitting on shelf with sticker that says $250. #GamestopReality

OmegaShen1162d ago

Can't be any higher then prices on ebay and amazon. I see the first Xbox for $1,000, just a normal black Xbox.

Transporter471162d ago

the business model name is rip-off the customer as much as possible in order to maximize profits!

CerebralAssassin1161d ago

That's how you stay in business. You don't stay in business breaking even

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avengers19781162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

See a lot of gamers I know, still have the old consoles, they kept all there games and consoles, and still play them. The others that don't, really don't care for retro gaming.

TheCommentator1162d ago

I worked with GS for 15 years, starting out at FuncoLand. It had its ups and downs, but they treat their employees like slaves and threaten your job if you don't greet your customers like your dog does when you come home.

More to the point, the stores small footprints and ridiculous amount of displays already make the stores look like they are run by hoarders. So let's put classic systems into the stores and compound the situation even more. They'll fit right next to all the bookshelved games that aren't alphabetized, the redundant cardboard dump bins noone ever looks through, 3ft. sections of Skylanders/Infinity/Amiibos toys(and soon to be Lego), and the wonderful selection of phones noone cares about. And guess what: the back rooms/behind the cashwrap are even worse than that.

Glad to be out of that $#!+hole of a company. They'll steal your soul faster than the spirts protecting the Ark in an Indiana Jones film.

BattleAxe1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Retro gaming is needs to be kept alive in a big way. This newest generation of consoles is just stale at the moment. There's nothing new this gen where I have felt that I absolutley must have it! Retro gaming is a fun hobby, and I love the feeling of nostalgia.

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