Ed Boon Teases Story Pack DLC for Mortal Kombat X

Twitter is a great place to keep in touch with celebs, musicians and even game developers, one game developer who is extremely active on Twitter is Ed Boon. Ed occasionally answers questions from Mortal Kombat fans about characters, tournaments and DLC. Today was no different as he answered a question about NPC’s in the story becoming playable characters.

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lastking951190d ago

I KNEW IT!!! I F***KING KNEW IT!. That's why the story was so short and had a cliff hanger ending with things left to be done. Honestly if it's paid dlc NRS can kiss my ***. They've been micro transaction dlc crazed for mkx, i knew this was gonna happen that's why im not buying any dlc, I'll wait for the komplete edition.

crusf1190d ago

Calm your tits. He was joking.
You really don't know ed boon do you.

Dhampir1190d ago

Ed Boon doesn't really treat his twitter like a marketing tool. He teases and trolls people with it. Like when he put up a picture of the MK blu-ray with Spawn. Everyone thought he was teasing Spawn.

Hotabang1190d ago

ed boon uses his twitter as teasers many times (sometimes he does it within a troll post sometimes he just trolls).

NRS said that the story was longer than mk9, so it could be possible, or else theyre just lying.

CorndogBurglar1190d ago

What was left to be done? Having a cliff hanger ending doesn't mean anything. MK9 did it too. It just helps to set up the next game. Many games do it.

But seriously, the story wasn't as good in this one as MK9 so for a lot of it i was in a party talking to friends, so i probably missed some things.

I'm not trying to call you out or anything, but what was left unfinished?

lastking951190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Well lets see, Kitana mournful variation was not told at all. Something like that should be in the story. Other variants as well such as Johnny Cages. At the beginning it was looking like he's get more control of his power. I thought it would led to training (like his mk9 ending) and boom the stunt double is born.....Nope. Got a 20 year time skip instead! Lui Kang and Kung Lao Kitana still undead yet their primary costumes are old alive versions??? Wtf? The events of the mkx comic should have been this game and how people got these random variants should have been told in the story.

Why are Lui kang and Kung lao old?
Why does Kitana have jades weapons when she's dead herself?
How can Johnny make yellow slime clones?
When and how did Kano get his cyber heart?
Is Cyrax dead like Sektor?
I can go on.

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madara0sama1190d ago

This is more likely a ruse by the ruse man Ed Boon.

CyrusLemont1190d ago

Really disappointed I spent so much money on half a game.

Fireseed1190d ago

Who knew that 3 out of 25 characters was "half a game"?

CyrusLemont1190d ago

I was being super dramatic, it's N4G shhhhhhhhhhhh haha

NovusTerminus1190d ago

Just bring back Smoke... I miss playing him...

Dhampir1190d ago

Smoke is dead. That is Enenra!

Snookies121190d ago

Then bring back Enenra lol.

IIFloodyII1190d ago

People make it way to easy for him to troll. Don't ever believe what he says on Twitter, most of the time it's not true and he's just saying it so he doesn't accidentally reveal anything.

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